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Employee Training: Be The Envy of Your Competitors

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Recently Robby Slaughter, a principal at AccelaWork, posed an interesting question: “What happens if we don’t support employees by making sure they have the training and resources needed to excel?” It’s a good start to a meaningful discussion.

Staying on top in corporate America means that companies need to continually maintain their competitive edge. Often times, this is achieved by focusing in on areas such as business theory and technology which create new avenues for advancement. But shouldn’t employee training be a part of that equation? It only makes sense that thorough employee knowledge be considered a vital component in a company’s mission. Yet, as Robby Slaughter questions in a recent guest post on the Recourse Resource blog, if employees are not properly trained can they effectively improve their workflow? According to Slaughter, a weak or non-existent training program can enormously affect stakeholders:

Untrained employees are easily distracted.
… are less engaged.
… are inefficient.
…negatively impact morale.

Employee Training

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Given the unattractive list above, it seems reasonable to assume that companies should want to strive to go the extra mile during employee training. Yes, there may be more work involved. Yes, additional resources may be required. But, investing proper time and energy in an employee’s baseline will not only help flourish their career, but your company’s overall success. Slaughter concludes:

Highly trained employees become brand champions.
… make your company attractive.
… make your competitors spend more money.
… will have increased loyalty.

If a company undervalues the importance for proper employee training, it is almost guaranteed that productive workflow will begin to reverse; inevitably disrupting and hurting an otherwise successful business. So, take a moment to reevaluate the effectiveness of your company’s training.  If you sense there are problems, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at how it can be improved. To learn more about how AccelaWork can help your company in this area, read about our services and contact us today.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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