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Interview with Caroline Dowd-Higgins on Employee Engagement

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Our own Robby Slaughter joined CBS Radio host Caroline Dowd-Higgins for a conversation about employee engagement. The full interview is now available online.

Dowd-Higgins is a career planning expert and author. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show. Robby Slaughter is the guest for the first half hour.

Slaughter opens with a definition of employee engagement:

The words “employee engagement” refer to a couple of different factors. First, that we are genuinely connected to the work that we are doing, that it has a personal sense of meaning to us—that we know how it matters and how it fits into the larger organization. But it also means that we have a meaningful rapport with our colleagues, whether we see them every day, all the time, or only once in a while. And it also means the the work we are doing has some kind of meaningful novelty, that is that it inspires us, it changes us, it makes us want to be better people.

Employee Engagement

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The conversation about employee engagement with Dowd-Higgings also turned to the question of people who dislike their jobs. According to Slaughter:

If you do know what you like, if you do know what drives you as a human being, then why wouldn’t you look for a way to sustain yourself doing what you love? Why would you take that opportunity away from someone who might love that industry or that job you don’t like very much if you can figure out how to support your own lifestyle doing the thing you love?

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For more information on employee engagement across generations in the workplace, check out Robby Slaughter’s new book The How-To Guide for Generations at Work. Information on Caroline Dowd-Higgings is available at her website and in her book This is Not the Career I Ordered.

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