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Email Marketing: Six Valuable Steps

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Today’s post on comes from Lavon Temple of Delivra. She gives her perspective on the intersection of productivity and email marketing.

Here’s what Lavon has to say on the topic:

Increase Email Marketing Productivity

Fact: Productivity is increased when a plan is established first. Creating a documented plan before working with an email marketing service provider to start an email marketing campaign is essential to making sure your efforts are productive and effective.

Below are some initial questions to work through and answer to create an email program plan before taking further steps in creating an email campaign.

  1. What goals do you want to accomplish?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Where will you find your audience?
  4. What types of information do you want to convey?
  5. How often will you send each email type?
  6. How will you integrate your email marketing program into your other marketing efforts?

Once you know the answers to these and have formulated an email program plan around them, you’ll be ready to start creating, sending, and evaluating an email marketing campaign.  By creating a plan, you can continue in the email marketing process without losing focus on your main goals and objectives which will increase productivity going forward.

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We at AccelaWork couldn’t agree more. Not only are these six steps valuable in email marketing, they form a basic framework for any marketing project and in fact any repeatable and important business endeavor. By defining and following a process, you are much more likely to not only make better use of resources, but also generate more powerful results.

You wouldn’t go into business without any plan of what you’re trying to accomplish, so why would you go into a new endeavor of your business without similar planning? Reading it that way, it probably should seem like common sense, but far too many business owners don’t properly gameplan before embarking on their email marketing journey. You may think that simply sending out emails is enough to get your organization more notice, but that isn’t true! Unless you’re sending the right content out to the right people at the right time then you’re just wasting your time and the time of any email subscribers you might have. And there’s nothing that gets someone to ignore emails or click that dreaded “unsubscribe” button faster than emails that aren’t relevant to a subscriber.

Point 6 is especially important to touch on. “How will you integrate your email marketing program into your other marketing efforts?” Email shouldn’t be the only way you market, and it shouldn’t just reflect the other ways you market. Just as you wouldn’t post the same message on Twitter and LinkedIn, you shouldn’t send the same message through email as you would through direct mail. You shouldn’t just reiterate points you made in a business lunch and learn in your email. Find ways to best utilize the medium in order to see the greatest return on investment. Treat your email marketing as an important facet of your approach and you’ll soon see just how beneficial detailed, intelligent planning can be.

Thanks Lavon for the guest post! Learn more about email marketing at Delivra’s website.

Lavon Temple is the Marketing Coordinator at Delivra where she is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day marketing activities. Lavon earned a bachelor’s degree in International Management from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.

For more information on how to bring better email marketing to your organization, feel free to contact the business development consultants at AccelaWork. We’d love to help you optimize your process and see the best results! What are you waiting for?

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