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Email Marketing ROI

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Among the best Indianapolis consultants and service providers who focus on email marketing are the experts at Delivra. They featured a guest post from our own Robby Slaughter, who is also an Indianapolis consultant. The topic? Return on investment.In the guest post on email marketing best practices, Slaughter writes:

If you’re doing email marketing, you should be thinking about your return on investment.

This isn’t particularly unique to email. It’s not even unique to marketing. If you put money into some effort in your business, you want to figure out what that investment actually produces.

The ROI question is one we at AccelaWork hear all the time from our clients in Indianapolis. Consultants, managers, and employees should be looking at the results that come from any initial work.

Slaughter explains his calculation process for a reactivation campaign (pictured below). The steps were:

  1. Identify the list to use in these email campaigns (people who have registered for a past workshop)
  2. Decide the variable data that we wanted to use (beside first name, we also used the date and title of that workshop)
  3. Produce the email graphic design for our campaign
  4. Schedule and send the campaign
  5. Deal with any email deliverability issues (such as bad addresses)
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Whether or not you’re based in Indianapolis, consulting firms can help you with a variety of business improvement needs. But at the end of the day you need to understand the math involved in figuring out what has an impact and what doesn’t in your organization. That’s true whether you’re solving a problem related to marketing, product development, customer service, or virtually anything else.

Sharpen your pencils! Compute the return on your current investment. Figure out if what you’re working on is actually working for you.

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