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The Most Efficient Ways to Manage Your Website

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Increasing productivity at work can happen in just about every arena. But what about increasing productivity when maintaining your company website?

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In a guest post for an Indianapolis web design firm, Robby Slaughter explained some of the key steps:

Ensure You Have a CMS

Hiring a web design company is only one step of the process.  Once you have a new custom website designed that meets your needs, you still have to maintain it.

One of the benefits of working with a web design firm like Archematic is their use of a CMS, or content management system, to build your website. A CMS is a software application that lets you edit most of the text and  some of the imagery and layout in your site using point-and-click tools.

WordPress, which is the CMS I’m using to write this post, is a popular and effective product in this category. I don’t have to worry about coding or technical details in order to add content to the site. I just login and type.

Get Training on Your CMS
At first, it may seem like you don’t need training to use a tool like WordPress. It’s similar to a word processor. There’s a box you can type into, and there are buttons at the top that you can use to change formatting or insert pictures.

However, just like a word processor, you don’t know what you don’t know. There are some incredible features inside every CMS and without training, you probably won’t find out about them.

Schedule Time To Maintain Your Site
If you plan to write a new blog post once a week, put an hour aside on your calendar and make an appointment with yourself. Or better yet, reserve a day on your calendar to write blog posts for the next two months. Then use, the scheduling feature of your CMS to parcel the blog posts out over time.

Don’t know how to schedule posts? Talk to your website design company.

Create a Guest Login
This is an incredible productivity secret that will save you time. If you want to have others post on your blog, create a guest account for them. That way, you don’t have to ask them to send their post by email, copy and paste it into WordPress, and deal with formatting issues. Instead, you’ll find out that there’s a new post ready to be reviewed. What could be easier?

In short, you can actually be more efficient when maintaining your website. Talk to your website design company about your CMS. And if you don’t have one, considering checking with your web design firm about moving to a platform like WordPress.

These are some of the many ways to increase employee productivity when building and maintaining a website. For more, talk to the folks at Archematic.

It’s no secret that it’s nearly impossible for a company to succeed in today’s market without an effective web presence. But merely having a site isn’t enough. You need to be sure that your site gives people the information they desire, is easily searchable, and can translate into increased sales for your company. This may seem like a daunting task, but it really shouldn’t. The barriers to entry on the web are lower than they’ve ever been before. Whether you decide to hire someone to do the work for you or you learn to maintain your site yourself, there are very few complications standing in your way.

If you want more information on creating an effective web presence, talk to the business improvement consultants at AccelaWork today.

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