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Finding Effective Ways to Utilize Social Media

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Here’s a question for the day: How can you tell when a company’s product has swept the nation? Answer: the moment it becomes the the running joke on television.

One of the wittiest string of commercials on TV is for the Toyota Venza. If you’ve not seen these commercials as of yet, prepare to laugh because the advertisement has no qualms about poking fun at people’s obsession with Facebook. Take a quick moment to watch the short clip below:

Naturally, this advertisement revolves around social media’s unyielding grasp on our everyday lives—to quote directly from the leading lady, “this is living”. Humorously enough, her words implore us to recognize just the opposite. And so the irony sinks in while the laughing begins.


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Without a doubt, our small business consultants know that social media plays a powerful role in both our personal and professional lives. And though it enhances our ability for widespread communication, it can also become a black hole of inefficiency. Essentially, if and when we fail to establish an appropriate workflow pattern that helps us control our time and output effectively on networking sites, we lose hours out of our day without even batting an eyelash. Next thing you know your day is half over, you’ve got a pile of work a mile high, and your nerves are shot from the unrelenting stress that is increasing by the minute. If this sounds familiar, don’t fret—you’re not alone.

Our productivity consultants are strong advocates of social media. AccelaWork believes anyone can maintain online involvement without wasting valuable time. To quote our business consultants directly:

With any new tool, it’s easy to become distracted with activity without making progress. Productivity is the ability to define objectives and meet objectives. To make social media productive, we must move beyond the allure and mystery of the technology as well as beyond the simplicity of being busy. Instead, we need to set goals and then set out to meet them.

There are so many more tools to analyze social media use now than there were even two years ago. Facebook allows businesses to see how many people have viewed and interacted with their ads. Twitter analytics presents the same sort of platform. The company’s blog delves into more information on how their product can be useful.

Want an even deeper dive? Visit the Tweet activity dashboard to see in-depth metrics for your individual Tweets. We start with impressions and total engagements — we’ll do the math, and calculate your engagement rate, too. If you click on a Tweet, you’ll see engagement broken down even further, into Retweets, favorites, clicks on media, replies, link clicks, follows and more. If that’s still not enough data for you, you can download the data on your last 3200 Tweets, going back as far as October 2013.

We’ve also recently introduced personas. This means that, in addition to your followers, you can now get to know specific audiences on Twitter such as parents, millennials or small business decision-makers. Once you find the persona that matches your desired audience, you can target them in an ads campaign with one click, directly from your audience insights dashboard. Personas are currently only available to advertisers in the U.S., but we’re working to roll out this new tool more broadly.

Basically, there’s no reason you can’t be smart about the way your organization is utilizing social media. And when it comes to that topic, AccelaWork urges companies to recognize that the most effective way to achieve success and reap beneficial results is by balancing our communication correctly with our workflow. To learn more about making social media productive in your office, consider contacting our business process transformation experts today!

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