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Do’s and Don’ts For Leading an Educational Seminar

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Giving a presentation at your organization? Teaching people how to use a new technique or technology? Our own Robby Slaughter wrote a guest post on this topic.
The full article appears courtesy of Roundpeg, an Indianapolis digital marketing agency. Slaughter opens the post as follows:

Do Stand Up When You Speak

If you’re not standing when you’re presenting, you’re just in a meeting. Standing up gives you presence and authority. It also allows you to see everyone in the audience and helps you to retain control of the program.

Don’t Lecture the Whole Time

Yes, you are presenting on a topic where you have some expertise. But just because you profess to know something doesn’t mean you should drone on like a college professor.

Instead, break up your presentation with elements that don’t involve you talking. You can add some video, an individual exercise, a group activity, ask participants to read sections aloud, and even play music. And if you will be speaking for more than 90 minutes, make sure you give folks a break every hour.

Public Speaking

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Slaughter also covers a few other points, including:

Do Provide an Agenda and Follow It

When you tell people what you’re going to tell them, you create an “up-front contract.” You establish the parameters and this makes everyone feel more comfortable.

Don’t Start Late, and Don’t Go Over Time

Respect the participants by arriving early, starting on time, and ending when you said you would.

Do Practice What You Are Going to Say

Try to schedule at least one complete run through with an empty room. Practice standing and speaking and going through each part of the program as if there was a live audience.

For more tips, read the complete article at Roundpeg’s website.

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