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Don’t Let Anxiety Rule Your World

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We’re all constantly looking for ways to do things better and faster. We just need to stay on task and get that project done, but why is that so hard sometimes?

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s worrying about everything and analyzing the fact that I’m so worried which only makes me more anxious. Medication and therapy have helped me rein myself in but that’s not enough. People who face similar issues should be on the lookout for ways to combat this problem. Hindustan Times reported that if you keep your brain busy with things such as memory games or puzzles, you’re less likely to develop an anxiety disorder.

“These findings help reinforce a strategy whereby individuals may be able to improve their emotional functioning – their mood, anxiety, experience of depression – not only by directly addressing those phenomena, but also by indirectly improving their general cognitive functioning,” said Ahmad Hariri, professor at the Duke University in North Carolina, US.


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This is fantastic news and an easy thing to add into your daily routine. Maybe instead of browsing social media or other forums, take that time to really challenge your brain. Make it work hard and you might just see improvement. On the topic of improvement and ways to combat anxiety, I think it’s worth noting that this should be at the very top of your list. You, your mind and your well-being should be your biggest priority. You may be rolling your eyes at the thought of self-love because, let’s face it, there’s so many other important things to cross off on your to-do list, right? Change starts with you. contributor, Rebekah Iliff, laid down some truth in a recent article about how to make yourself your number one priority by using positive affirmations. Check out a few of my favorites below!

#1 – I will never again over give as a way to prove my value to someone.

I really wish I had learned this one sooner. It’s easy to give yourself, your time, your energy to work or people. It’s especially easy to over give. Taking on all that extra work to prove how good you are and to get noticed won’t work in the end. You’ll be tired, mentally depleted, and incapable of doing the main job you were hired for. Do the tasks as assigned to you, and do them perfectly rather than piling more on your plate. That will get you noticed!

#2 – I will never again disregard my own feelings and needs for the perceived feelings and needs of others.

This is another big one, maybe in the top spot for many of you. I’ve felt uncomfortable in many situations in various different jobs that I’ve held, mostly due to someone else overstepping the boundaries. This includes sexual harassment, gossiping coworkers spreading rumors, and having someone ask me to do something I’m not comfortable with. Don’t disregard yourself and your own comfort level. Talk to your manager or HR department and discuss solutions to these problems.

#5 – I will never again love someone else more than I love myself.

Oh boy, talking about top spots, this one takes the #1 spot for me. This includes your work life as well as your personal life. You can easily get swept up in your responsibilities at work or at home and forget how import self-care is to your well-being. It’s okay to become enamored with a project, but don’t let it control your life.

“I make consistent plans to do things with friends and family who keep me grounded, cook delicious meals for myself and others, maintain commitments to volunteer work through organizations to which I belong, and attend my regular yoga class at least three times a week. I also make sure to build in time for my creative passion projects, which tend to pull me out of work mode and into a place of gratitude and fun!”

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Alyssa Shea

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