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Don’t Forget To Remember These Apps

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How’s your memory? Do you find yourself forgetting things which only adds to stress and, in turn, makes you even more forgetful? Well, there’s an app for that.

There are days that I can honestly say that nothing I did was productive. Balancing working from home and being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t leave much time to waste. And since we definitely can’t afford a nanny or maid, that means I’ve got to up my game. So I started poking around the internet and came across this article that stated there are several apps out there that will remember everything for you. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought until I dove into the article. Bonus: they’ve even included helpful reminders for your desktop, too. Here is there list and some of my thoughts, too!

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1. Google Assistant (Android, iOS): The Best “Remember” Voice Command

We all know how to set reminders on our phones at this point, right? You just go in, select the time, the ringtone, etc. Half the time, I end up swiping away the reminder and then completely forgetting to do the thing anyway. If you’re like me, you should probably download Google Assistant to avoid that problem. Using the “OK Google” followed by “Remember” commands, you can then speak freely about whatever you’re trying to remember. So, for example, you can ask Google to remember that your bill is due on the 15th. Later, you can ask, ” Ok Google, what date is my bill due?” And it will tell you!

2. Wonder (Messenger, Google Home, Amazon Echo): The Anti-Google Antidote

Wonder is a “search engine for your personal life.” Have you ever had a memory right on the tip of your tongue but can’t recall it? That’s where Wonder will step in. It’s a bot that works with Facebook Messenger. You activate it with a command so it’s not just recording your entire conversation (which would be super creepy).

3. Reminder Team (Web): When You Don’t Want to Sign In

Say you don’t have your phone or your to-do list in front of you, what do you do? If you’re in front of your PC, you can use the Reminder Team. It’s basically a really quick way to shoot yourself an email with a little note including that important thing you don’t want to forget. You can even choose to have the email sent to you one time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly!

4. WorldBrain (Chrome, Firefox): Full-Text Search of Your Browser

Maybe you’re like me and you spend the majority of your time on the internet just reading different articles. Internet research can be loads of fun and also extremely frustrating when you can’t recall a website that you’d like to revisit. WorldBrain runs quietly in the background of your computer, storing your data locally so that it can remember everything you do. It also stores the entire text on that page, not just the title!

5. Cozi and Process Street: Premade Checklists for Anything

Everyone knows how much we love a good to-do list here at AccelaWork. They’re the best way to stay on top of tasks. Except when you forget to add those tasks to your list. Or maybe you didn’t think it was important enough to write down because you fooled yourself into thinking that you’d totally remember to do it and then definitely forgot. So what should you do? By combining the use of Cozi and Process Sheet, you’ll master your to-do lists with their pre-made templates that can help you and also your entire company!

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Alyssa Shea

Alyssa Shea

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