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Doing Nothing Is Not Really an Option

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Have you ever stood still in a river and felt the water rush by you? The water can be a gentle push against you, or it can be forceful. It can cause you to lean, struggling to stand upright.

There are days when I feel time rushing by like the water in a river. In reality, time is always moving like the Earth is always moving. The Earth is traveling through space at 66,000 miles per hour. And at the same time, the Earth rotates on its axis faster than 1000 miles per hour. Maybe the fact that life moves so fast has made me love the times when I can just sit and think. I love being able to ignore all the outside activity and demands of daily life.

However, even though we can ignore it, the fast pace never goes away. I have discovered it is important to embrace the pace, the changes, and the obstacles that life throws at us. They are just as important as the quiet times. Instead of standing in the river, imagine being in a kayak. No longer are we trying to resist the current. Instead we strive to control our kayak. We paddle. We steer. We decide to guide our kayak. We cannot stand still. Doing nothing is not an option. Life is moving. We can make every day count. So how can we start making that change?

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We here at The Methodology Blog truly believe that a positive mindset means everything when it comes to productivity. We all could do a bit more to try to lead less stressful lives. You need to have a healthy headspace if you want to get anywhere in life or business.

So what steps do we have to take to get there? published a great piece about how to become a more positive person and they promised you can do this in just 21 days! Check out their tips for week one below.

Week 1: Take note

Think of sinking your teeth into your favorite dessert or that moment in the shower when the hot water first touches your skin—“any fleeting moments of joy in life that are not super intense,” says Tan. This week, start picking up on them. “All you have to do is notice the joy and bring attention to the pleasantness,” he explains.

Be here now. Focus on the bite-size pleasures already in your day. “After a number of times, a habit will form,” says Tan.

Live out loud. Being vocal when something delights you will help you revel in the moment, says happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Let out a “mmm” after your delicious first sip of coffee in the a.m., for instance. “My family makes fun of me because every time I get in bed, I involuntarily make this ‘ahhh’ noise, but it feels so good to slide between the sheets,” says Rubin.

Start a one-sentence journal. Every day, jot down a single cheery thought. “Your sentence can be about anything—something beautiful, hilarious, whatever,” says Rubin. “It keeps you accountable without making happiness feel like a chore.”

The whole article is full of ideas like this that can create change in your life. There is a plan set in place for a full 3 weeks so you can gradually see the light on positivity and how great of an effect it will have on your life and also those around you. Don’t let time keep passing you by without doing anything to learn and grow. Embracing changes and obstacles will become possible once you gain a more positive point of view.

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