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Creative Marketing Ideas: Don’t Talk About Your Business

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Creative marketing ideas for small business are everywhere, from unusual flyers to clever billboards. But the most creative marketing idea of all may be to not talk about your business.Consider what millions of companies do with billions of dollars every year. They pay for other people to do things which have almost nothing do to with their business. And usually, they have no way of knowing just how much value they are getting for this purchase.

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In some respects, a sponsorship of a community event is a truly creative marketing idea. It’s not talking about your products or services. It’s not describing your customers or sharing testimonials. All it does it associate your brand (and maybe your logo) with a “good cause.”

Sponsorship is relatively straightforward and commonplace. Unfortunately, it is not easy to measure the impact of this investment. But there’s something else you can do with your marketing dollars: you can sponsor a presentation.


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The secret to making this creative marketing idea work is to leverage the main benefit of a traditional sponsorship: not talking about your business. Instead, you show customers, prospects and attendees of the speaking event that you want to be a trusted resource in a wide variety of areas, not just your own business.

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