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Do You Feel Disrespected At Work?

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If you’ve just started taking on leadership roles at work, you might find that it’s difficult to get into a good rhythm with your employees. You might struggle less if you follow this advice!

This past week I had the privilege of working with a new supervisor at a local firm who was having a few of the challenges that most all new leaders have; getting people to follow instructions and to do what’s needed to be done. I wanted to share what we talked about that really seemed to help her make a shift in the right direction. If you’ve ever been in the role of a new supervisor and this happens to you, frustration might have crept into the scenario. I’ve noticed that frustration happens when a person is clearly told how to do a task and then they don’t follow instructions, yet they keep repeating errors. Have you been there?

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Here’s the real challenge, it’s not that they didn’t listen, it’s not that you weren’t communicating clearly and specifically (although it sure could be either of those). No, the real challenge here is in the frustration you carry. Frustration is not a resourceful state. Try this strategy on as a belief to be true: “The quality of your communication can be judged by the results that you get.”

This simple little statement is one of the presuppositions of NLP… things a practitioner presupposes to be true. If you’re not getting the results you want or expect, you need to realize that you can’t control or change the other person, no one can. You can only change (and sometimes control) yourself. Try another way of communicating what you want or expect and keep trying different ways until you see the changes you want. The second part of this lesson is a little strategy I learned from my son, John, which he learned in Scouting as he’s approaching his Eagle Scout Project. The strategy is called E.D.G.E Method. and here is how it works.

    E – Explain to the other person what you want done.
    D – Demonstrate to the other person what you want done.
    G – Guide the other person with their hands on the task.
    E – Empower them to do the work.

When you come back to check on them… the first question you ask should be: “How do you think you’re doing?” then shut-up and listen. This way you know if they know they’re doing it incorrectly or if they think they’re doing the task correctly. These are two entirely different approaches and conversations to correcting the individual. We want to help you in your new supervisory role and to become a better communicator and a better leader. Some other tips that might help you along the way are those shared by our guest blogger, Marques Coleman. In a recent article, he talked about how crucial it is to develop leadership skills in order to become successful in your career.

Kristin Savage, a contributing writer at Studicus, is in constant pursuit of improving her understanding of the written word. She says, “One way to accomplish this is by pursuing a formal education. Many leaders have certainly done this. However, that is not your only option. You can seek out learning opportunities through free online classes, attending seminars, and reading the writings of other experts in your field.” Keep in mind that most fields change quickly and constantly. You’ll need to be prepared to continue your education indefinitely.

Being seen as an expert is a great way to ensure that people who work for you feel confident in your skills and the advice that you give. We all should be open to continual learning and growing!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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