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Daily Rituals That Successful People Keep

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I usually hate to read about someone’s rise to fame and wealth. What is it about those super successful people that I’m missing? Well, this article may actually help provide an answer to that.

We all have our daily routines. You get up, have your coffee making down to a science, trip over the dog a few times, get the kids to school and drag yourself into work. So what habits do the rich and famous have? And can we possibly steal some of those ideas? You bet. Check out this article detailing some pretty interesting daily rituals coming from the world’s top creatives and CEO’s. I snagged a few of my favorites to share with you all below!


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Ernest Hemingway: Set an exact quota for your work and NEVER stray from it

Did you know that Hemingway was a raging alcoholic? Most of those in the world of writing do, but the extent of his drinking was what helped him churn out those famous works of art we all read and cherish.

When he’d typed out his daily quota, he’d have ‘a few’ drinks, pass out, and wake up at sunrise the next day to do it all over again.

Now don’t go and start drinking so you can be more productive. There’s a reason why this creative soul died at the young age of 50!

Barack Obama: Value your time alone at midnight

Obama has been known for some pretty great ideas and strategies so it’s no surprise that he had something to say about when and how to get your work done. So when does the President of the United States get down to business? Sometime around midnight. We’ve talked before about how night owls can be productive and still function during the day, and it seems Obama falls into that category!

Warren Buffett: Spend 80% of your day reading

Warren Buffett is easily one of the most successful people out there as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. What does he do every day to help him stay on top of work? He reads…a lot.

He spends 80% of his day reading — around 500 pages per day — because he says while reading your knowledge builds up “like compound interest”.

And he’s not wrong. There have been studies that show how beneficial reading is, beyond immediate gratification, the accumulative affect it has on your cognitive functions is truly remarkable. So go ahead and pick up a book. If anyone asks what you’re doing, tell them you’re gradually getting smarter!

Steve Jobs: Live today like you’ll die tomorrow

So, this may seem super morbid, but it’s actually a really good way to live. We all know Jobs was an intense guy with loads of ideas and creativity that seemed to just pour out of him. After his meetings, he would spend the afternoon in his design studio which was filled to the brim with future products he was working on. That was his way of living like that day was his last. What’s your version?

Herman Melville: Do something monotonous every morning

Melville, author of Moby Dick was also a farmer. For some reason that made me do a double take while reading this part of the article. Such a great literary genius spent his mornings exerting his physical energy by working on the farm. After that, he would be able to pour his heart and soul into what he was writing. One way you could use this tip would be to take care of those things you hate first, like sifting through and responding to emails, then move onto your bigger projects.

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