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Creating Your Own Luck

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Take a second to read a few interviews by some of the most successful people to date. Somewhere down the line, you’ll find a recurring theme. Be it a chance encounter, or a fortuitous accident, somehow luck always seems finds these people. So how can you change yours?

Have you ever found yourself reading the news or watching TV and find yourself thinking, “How did these people get so lucky?” You’re not alone. If you’re looking to get ahead not only in your career, but in life as well, we encourage you to read a recent article by Bill Murphy. In it, he discusses how to make your own luck. Check out his suggestions and our opinions below!

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1. Get up early.

The saying, “The early bird catches the worm” is pretty accurate. If you’re up and at it early, you leave yourself more time to open yourself up to opportunities.

2. Start with the end in mind.

Know your daily goals like the back of your hand. Start each day with a clear end result so you can work toward that throughout the day.

3. Act.

Don’t just sit and think about what you want. Go for it! Your chances of having something awesome happen to you are a lot lower if you aren’t actively working on your goals.

4. Be the expert.

Say you’re at work in a meeting, and you have something to add to a conversation thanks to your own expertise, don’t be afraid to step forward. Showing that you know what you’re talking about will get you noticed.

5. Decide who you are.

Knowing yourself and your abilities is only half the battle. What comes next is deciding who you want to be. Once you have made that decision, you can focus solely on how to get where you want to go in life.

6. Share what you can share.

After you have made that decision on who you are, share it with the world. Be confident in your choice and let people know and spread the word about you.

7. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Murphy’s mentor had a great idea when he was seeking advice on his own career:

“She suggested going on LinkedIn and finding people who have the job you’d like to have in five, 10 or 20 years. Then, look at the previous steps in their careers, and use them for inspiration as you make career decisions.”

8. Be selfless.

Rather than stepping on people while climbing the ladder to your goals, help others out along the way. Not only will they want to help you out in return, but it generates some good karma in your own life too.

9. Reconnect with people you already know.

Networking to increase your productivity is something we here at The Methodology Blog stand behind. But don’t forget all of the people you have already connected with. Stay in touch with them!

10. Skip stuff that sucks.

“It turns out, however, that the most productive people–and I think, the ones who generate the most good fortune–are defined by what they refuse to do, as much as what they actually do accomplish.”

We couldn’t agree more with this advice. Saying no is important to productivity!

11. Write stuff down.

Jotting down your ideas and/or creating a to-do list is an important visual aid. It helps keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

12. Show up.

Showing up is important if you want to get ahead. Make the effort to be there not only in body but mentally too!

Looking for more ways to become efficient? Get in touch with our business process improvement consultants!

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