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Consulting on Panic and Pandemonium

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What happens when bad luck collides with a terrible decision? For a high school football team, the answer is captured on video—and it looks an awful lot like panic followed by a series of embarrassing mistakes.

According to sports columnist Cameron Smith, the footage displays one of the biggest football bloopers ever. Due to The YouTube account associated with this video having been terminated because of multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement, we’re unable to share the clip. But we will do our best to describe it to you.

This video almost seems unreal—as if it belongs in a sitcom rather than real life. And as difficult as the horrific play was for the team, it is a great demonstration of what can happen when mistakes occur faster than they can be processed. 

In the clip, a frantic pass leads to panic. Suddenly the running back is forced to react out of instinct rather than strategy and soon finds himself creating one error after another. We have all been in similar situations on the playing field of our life at work, scrambling to keep moving even though we may be going in the wrong direction!

Just like the unfortunate player, our last screw-up is often the worst. When the situation appeared inescapable, he made one final, desperate attempt at redemption: he tossed the problem to someone else and hoped for the best. But his last ditch effort landed in the wrong hands with devastating results.

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There is no foolproof way to ensure a project will be perfect. Some failure will always occur.  The best medicine is good planning before the game, and good coaching after the play to understand how to improve. Take the time to truly evaluate how your team manages problems. You may just discover better ways of scoring touchdowns. Contact our worker productivity consultants today to learn more about how we can help.

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