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Consulting on The Misery Index

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When we hear about unhappiness at work, it’s easy to make assumptions as to why a person is dissatisfied in their job. It could be low pay, bad benefits, stress overload, rift between co-workers or trouble with the boss. But one survey, two factors rose above the rest.

If you’ve ever wondered who had the worst job in America, ponder no more. The ten most hated jobs were revealed in an online article by CNBC. For your reading convenience, each hated position at the time of the survey (accompanied by a brief job overview and a summary of complaints) is listed below:

#10 – Marketing Manager
Job overview: Oversees advertising and promotion.
Primary complaint:  Lack of direction

#9 – CNC Machinist
Job overview: Operates computer numerical control machines.
Primary complaint: No room for advancement

#8 – Technical Support Analyst
Job overview: Assists people with their computer issues.
Primary complaint: Dealing with panicked individuals, inconsistent work environments and last minute project work

#7 – Law Clerk
Job overview: Assists judges as they write opinions.
Primary complaint: Long, grueling hours and dealing with unpredictable personalities

#6 – Electronics Technician
Job overview: Maintain, troubleshoot and collect monthly measurement data for electronic systems.
Primary complaints: Little control in situations, difficult work schedule and disgruntled peers

#5 – Technical Specialist
Job overview: Leads the evaluation of a potential design project to see what is possible and what isn’t.
Primary complaints: Lack of communication from upper management and expertise not taken seriously

#4 – Senior Web Developer
Job overview: Design, maintain, and develop applications for the Internet.
Primary complaints:  Inability of employers to communicate coherently or understand technology

#3 – Product Manager
Job overview: As such a broad title, one example is being responsible for evaluating products and how they blend with company’s business model.
Primary complaints: Restricted growth, boredom and not challenging enough

#2 – Director of Sales and Marketing
Job overview: Plans and implements efforts to promote companies and generate business.
Primary complaints:  Lack of direction from upper management and no room for growth

#1 – Director of Information Technology
Job overview: Maintains and administers all information technology policies.
Primary complaints: Nepotism, cronyism, disrespect for workers

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When reading the major frustrations associated with each position, you may have noticed two common areas of discontent. First, many complained about the lack of opportunity for career advancement. More intriguing however, was the second issue: a lack of rewards. According to the survey, this was a driving factor in stakeholder frustration.

It’s easy to sympathize with these complaints. We’ve all had dead-end jobs where we feel unappreciated. But for now, let’s focus on the curious language used in the survey. How would you answer the following questions about common workplace problems?

  1. What is the definition of “job satisfaction?”
  2. Can a system based on rewards keep stakeholders sufficiently happy?

Be sure and stay tuned to find out AccelaWork’s views on the “misery index” and these key questions.

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