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Consider This Before Using Productivity Tips

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It’s hard to open up a single article about productivity tips without being flooded with information. Promises for a new way to do this or that can be overwhelming. So before you jot them down and change your routine, give this post a read.

AccelaWork is all about finding ways to make lives easier and more efficient. We spend our time sharing on The Methodology Blog ways to stay on top of these tips. We have brought you efficiency growth tools and ways to figure out what’s ruining your workplace productivity. There are so many different ways to improve ourselves but how do we go about picking the ones that are right for us? Mashable published an article that offers some guidance on this matter. They’re giving us some helpful hints on how to wade through the ocean of tips out there. Check them out and our thoughts, too!

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1. Compare it to your current method

This is a pretty important one. Take a look at your current process and compare it to the one you’re looking to start using. Are they similar? They should be. If it varies wildly from what you’re currently doing, you’re less likely be able to stick to it. Mashable provides the example of the difference between using the Pomodoro Technique which tells us to work for 25 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks. Maybe you currently work for a couple of hours at a time and then take a break. The time difference is too big of a leap to take right away. Work your way up to it!

2. Use common sense

We’re sure you have all heard of “clickbait.” Basically, it’s a way that a website titles something to make a reader want to click the link, which gives them more traffic. You’ll see things like “You won’t BELIEVE how this stay at home mom is making money hand over fist!” Productivity tip sites use the same method. But just because they’re presenting this tip doesn’t mean it’s better or updated in any way. When reading these, be honest with yourself. Could you realistically see yourself using them?

3. Try one thing at once

It’s easy to get super excited about all these new techniques and shift into overdrive with them. You may end up finding yourself drowning in too many new processes before you figure out if even a single one of them is impacting your life in a meaningful way. Make a list of the ideas you want to try out and start with the one that you fancy the most. Once you have that down, move onto the next.

4. Give it time

Patience is really key here. Say you have chosen the perfect new technique and have decided to implement it. That first day you expect immediate nirvana, right? Wrong. Most likely, you will either not notice much of a difference or fall off the bandwagon. That’s totally normal. Changing your routine won’t go off without a hitch or two. Mashable said:

“Research shows it takes an average of 66 days for a new habit to be fully integrated, so don’t expect it to feel perfect for a while. That being said, if a week or two later you’re still crumpling up your paper in frustration, then it’s probably worth testing something else. However, it’s more likely that after a couple of days you’ll get used to the new way and start seeing results.”

AccelaWork’s helpful tip of the day:
Don’t quit before you have had a chance to really give your new routine a chance to take root! Looking for more ways to become a lean, mean, efficient machine? Reach out to one of our business improvement consultants!

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