Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients. We are now in the process of seeking permission to use client logos and trademarks on our new website. For now, take a look at some of the nice things folks have said about us:


AccelaWork has great content to share. I have read Robby’s books and attended his seminars / classes and have found them to be very beneficial. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Robby is an effective networker and has much to share. -Chris Reed

AccelaWork’s session on the one minute intro helped me tailor my pitch to three different types of audiences in a clear and memorable message. -Dave Meeker

Robby’s attention to details and the system for follow up from networking is as good as anyone’s I’ve ever seen. He is diligent, organized, and always prepared. I have absolute confidence in his ability to demonstrate and teach others. One of the best! –Bryon Foley

“The Power of No” session was extremely helpful to me – I now feel more in control of my time and tasks and comfortably say “no” to things that are not in alignment with my work or networking goals. I am more intentional about what I put on my calendar. – Stephanie Dohnert

Using the techniques I learned in your class yesterday, I decided to dedicate this afternoon to getting my email under control. I started with 7,781 items and 1,368 unread in my inbox. At 5:24pm I had a message in my inbox that said ‘there are no items to show in this view.’ I created a calendar item for ‘personal to-do’ and ‘client to-do’ and I used your drag and drop feature to put the emails I need to work on in those calendar items. Now my inbox is clean and I will be able to focus on those items that really need attention. Thanks so much, I really appreciate what I learned!” – Elizabeth Marshall

I was beyond thrilled with the high quality service I received. Investing my time and money with them was an excellent choice, and one I will continue to wholeheartedly recommend to others. – Annie Sever-Dimitri

Who wouldn’t want to maximize their productivity, systems and skill sets by hiring Robby and his team? The lazy and poor I suppose. So I wholeheartedly recommend utilizing his gifts and talents. Kirk Booher ‘GuardianMan’ – Life Safety Consultant for Guardian Protection Services.

Personally, I have gained insights that I am incorporating into my mortgage practice. And, I asked him to speak at a major real estate conference I was hosting. Robby Slaughter was one of the highest rated presenters. – Rock Plank

That was an awesome presentation yesterday! I really gained a lot of help from it. Thanks for inviting me! -Larry Reed

I have both enjoyed and benefited from the 2010 Productivity Series. Robby is a gifted presenter. At each of the sessions, I’ve picked up something I could use immediately to improve my productivity or to help my clients. Thanks for making these sessions both practical and thought – Harry Howe

Great job at the workshop. I have to be honest, prior to attending it, Social Media was never a topic I considered in terms of productivity. But, that’s because I hadn’t tied measurable objectives to the time I spent there. Just that simple principle that you taught will make a big change in the way I allocate my time, on social media and otherwise! -Nick Carter

I wanted to say that my activists really appreciated the fact that you would be open to coming to such an informal event and talk one-on-one with folks to help answer their individual questions. And so did I. -Lisa Marchal, RESULTS

Last year, I spent hours each week trying to write one article for our site. After attending a productivity seminar from AccelaWork, my output went through the roof. I now publish at least once each day as well as writing for a few other sites every month. Our traffic has tripled but my time spent on content has not! -Heather Sokol

Your presentation was well-paced, venue was good, seating was fine, and, most importantly, the introductory level seemed appropriate for the audience, myself included! – Andrew McDonald

“I was impressed with the quality and ideas presented in the annual planning seminar. After following the plan started in the seminar, I have a much better chance of reaching my goals for the year. -Ed Wills

I’ve known Robby for several months on a personal and networking basis and have always found him to be highly intelligent, interesting, creative and personable. I had the opportunity to attend his Productivity and Social Media seminar last month and was very impressed with his knowledge and teaching skills. I look forward to attend more classes in the future and should the opportunity arise I would enthusiastically recommend his services to clients and colleagues. -Kiersten Quick

As I got to know Robby in his online Methodology Blog, I believed that I might be reading the words of one of the most intelligent individuals in a very talented pool of local professionals. As we sat down to examine the goals of my business and break down our processes, very little detail needed to be provided for him to understand our strengths and weaknesses as a company.

He was aware that our success was tied directly to our efficiency and the culture of our company – the dedication of our staff. His focus was on improving on the interaction of our clients as much as our staff, and removing the pain points of both.

Prior to his examination of our methodology and processes, our operational pain points were a major obstacle to the profitability we were striving to achieve. Once we were able to get outside of our procedures, it became obvious to all of us that certain actions had to be taken in the short term, and recommendations implemented for the long term.

I have a long term partner in AccelaWork. I never hesitate to recommend his services for anyone interested in the latest theory and practice of workflow optimization and business consulting. Our investment of time and money will pay huge dividends in the years to come.

-PJ Christie

I am a Realtor and have had the privilege of attending two workshops this past year. I particularly enjoyed ‘managing your inbox’. As a Realtor, I am inundated with emails constantly. It can be distracting when trying to be productive. I got some great ideas which I have put to practice and now I manage my inbox, it doesn’t manage me.
I highly recommend their services. It is time and money well spent.

– Kathy Jordan, GRI

Thank you for your outstanding presentation today”

– Steven Hadley