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When Good Workflow Saves Lives

Improving the way a business operates can contribute to the bottom line. But in the case of the healthcare industry, improving workflow can save lives. (more…)

Time Zones and Productivity

Who knew that something as simple as what time zone you happen to live in can affect your productivity? Is there even anything that can be done about it? (more…)

Overcoming Accounting Blunders

Today’s post is written by Melissa Powell, CPA. As an expert in her field, she discusses how to overcome accounting blunders and efficiently manage financial operations in business. (more…)

Employee Motivation: Is There an App for That?

I read a news story about smartphone apps that aim to track activity and motivate users in a slew of categories. Naturally, I couldn’t help but wonder: “What about creating an app to motivate employees at work?” (more…)

Presentation Tips for Finicky Speakers

For those of you who are nervous wrecks when it comes to public speaking, today’s post by guest blogger Cody Sharp is right up your alley. He provides helpful tips and gives advice on how certain preparations can make all the difference in your success as a presenter. (more…)

Seasonal Marketing Strategies: Holiday Card Madness!

Now that December has arrived holiday preparations are in full swing. So, if your company is creating a marketing strategy for this year’s seasons greeting, you may want to consider some advice from AccelaWork’s own Robby Slaughter about what not to put in your holiday card. (more…)

IT Staff: Hone in on Interests and Improve Morale

IT professionals work long hours in unique conditions which add to their stress and low morale. IT staff work an average of 71 hours each week, according to ComputerWorld. Knowing why a person chooses IT as a career in spite of these demands can help you boost the morale of your IT department. (more…)