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When Good Workflow Saves Lives

Improving the way a business operates can contribute to the bottom line. But in the case of the healthcare industry, improving workflow can save lives. (more…)

Small Businesses Rely On Employee Retention

Small businesses face many hurdles. But probably the most important issue is creating a solid work environment in order to retain employees. So what can you do to make sure your employees stick around? (more…)

Taking A Vacation Increases Worker Productivity

Some of us are leery of taking our vacation time now that jobs have become so scarce. What if you come back and your position is no longer necessary? But in reality, taking that vacation makes you even more valuable. (more…)

Increase Employee Productivity By Giving Them Breaks

Entrepreneurs can testify to the fact that startups require massive amounts of man hours. Normal work weeks are a thing of the past for you and your employees. Perhaps a flexible schedule may be what is best for your growing company. (more…)

Perks on the Job: Do They Improve Employee Engagement?

When it comes to fancy office amenities, who can resist? Just the thought of playing a video game like Golden Tee in the office while ordering lunch on the company’s dime sounds enticing. But are these really the perks we hope for in a job? (more…)

Fairness in Unpaid Internships?

When we say the word internship, what are your first thoughts? If they are recollections of frustration and stress due to an empty wallet then take a gander at this post because you’re not alone. (more…)

IT Staff: Hone in on Interests and Improve Morale

IT professionals work long hours in unique conditions which add to their stress and low morale. IT staff work an average of 71 hours each week, according to ComputerWorld. Knowing why a person chooses IT as a career in spite of these demands can help you boost the morale of your IT department. (more…)

Employee Training: Be The Envy of Your Competitors

Recently Robby Slaughter, a principal at AccelaWork, posed an interesting question: “What happens if we don’t support employees by making sure they have the training and resources needed to excel?” It’s a good start to a meaningful discussion. (more…)

Very Stupid Employees

In today’s guest post, James Lawther writes, “There have been times when I have sat there with my head in my hands, wondering what on earth possessed me to hire such a bunch of fools for employees.” (more…)