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Can We Change?

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Almost all of us have room in our lives to change something either around us or about ourselves. But it’s not so easy to create and maintain change. Not all of us embrace new things.

“Tomorrow we will become what we choose today. To change means to choose to change.” – John C. Maxwell

I love this quote because there is so much wisdom in just fifteen words.

    1. Change takes time. We must work today for what we want tomorrow. Our focus needs to be on the future. Very little permanent change occurs within one day.

    2. Change is a choice. It will not occur without intent. We have the opportunity to decide what we wish to change.

    3. Change is never ending. Every day we can work towards tomorrow’s goals. Incremental change has a huge impact over a lifetime of effort.

Often we stumble on these points, and we don’t change as much as we expect. We can choose to change to meet our goals in our professional life, our personal life, in our diet, our exercise, or our habits. Can we change? Each day we can strive to make ourselves better tomorrow. You just have to decide and stick to a plan. After all, isn’t the end goal to get what you want? What can we do to reach that end goal? Jack Klemeyer noted an interesting difference between intention and action.

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  • When a colleague tries a marketing strategy that proves very successful for him and the business owner says, “I was going to do that, but…”
  • When a deadline for registration or application passes without being completed and the business owner says, “I had that on my to-do list …”
  • An event occurs that has significant impact on the community and the business owner says, “I really meant to be a part of that and contribute …”

I’m sure some of you have run into this issue at some point in your lives. We always mean to finish that project or knock out that to-do list. We wanted to go to that networking event to meet prospective clients. Those are just words though, aren’t they? Unless you follow up with an action, they’re just empty words without any follow-up. Jack’s suggestions to overcome this are very helpful to many of us who are stuck in this never-ending cycle of wanting yet not taking the necessary steps to make the change.

  • If you want to learn and develop your thinking and skills, you might read books and articles, take time for webinars and workshops, participate in group studies or a mastermind group.
  • If you want to be a conscious capitalist, you have to develop a way to support, nurture or contribute to a cause or program.
  • If you want to get new customers, you have to find ways to meet and build relationships with those people and businesses that are your ideal customer. You have to put yourself in their path and interact with them.
  • If you want to get a new car, or a new home, or a new whatever, you have to make a plan to consistently save for it or designate certain income or sales toward that goal.

Take it slow. Change doesn’t happen overnight or even within a few days. In fact, research has shown that it takes at least 66 days to form a new habit. Now don’t give yourself slack thinking “Well, I have over two months to change, then!” There is no ending to reach, you’re striving for a better life, to meet your daily goals. Put the effort in every day to become a master at change!

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Mark S. Brown
Mark S. Brown is an executive coach who is passionate about personal development. He works to make a difference in people's lives by empowering them with skills and knowledge that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in. Mark has been coached, mentored, and certified by John Maxwell and his team. This coaching certification allows Mark to successfully coach and train individuals, groups, organizations, and companies.
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