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Could Your Business Offer Unlimited PTO?

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If you were given unlimited vacation time, how would you use it? Would it feel more like a burden than a gift? Or would it sway your decision while seeking employment?

Apparently, there has been a movement going on to give employees unlimited PTO. This is the first I’m hearing about it, but there are lists of companies that are offering this benefit. The thought of that sort of blows my mind. I collected PTO days like a desperate hoarder and clutched them to my chest like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. They were precious to me. The days I had to use PTO because I was sick made my heart hurt.

Now there are companies that are just dealing out days out like they’re nothing. But maybe that’s just because of how workers in the U.S. are made to feel about taking time off of work. A company called Kimble based in Boston took a look at how much PTO workers took in a year. They found that 47% of people didn’t take all of their paid vacation days off and 48% of those who were on vacation were still checking on work while they were supposed to be vacationing! took a look at this issue and decided to seek some answers. Like exactly how would you go about implementing this policy at your own company?

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The most important aspect of implementing a progressive policy like unlimited paid time off is understanding whether your company’s culture is built to handle it. It’s important to have established a culture where your employees value autonomy and are committed to your organization’s overall goals. If you can’t trust your workers with responsibility and autonomy, it’s a sign that your business’s culture may not be fit to handle this type of policy.

Maybe the biggest benefit of having unlimited PTO would be that you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious days anymore. There’s no issue of having these days roll over or worrying about using them all up by the time the year ends. Companies wouldn’t have to factor this in to pay. This would be a pretty huge selling point for any company looking to recruit more employees. In fact, many companies really do need to look at improving their hiring process. One of Sophia Beirne’s tips on having a more effective hiring process depends on your advertisement for positions.

The hiring process can become lengthy when you’re inundated with applications. You can reduce the number of applications you get by making your requirements and the scope of the job clear when you advertise a job. While you don’t want to write an essay, you need to find a way to concisely express what the job entails. Including a salary range can also help you to find the right applicants.

She also suggests that, once the hiring process is over, you should evaluate your results. What bumps did you hit along the way? Did you lose out on the perfect employee and why? Could having no limit on vacation days have enticed that person to come work for your company? The most important aspect of implementing this type of process is that all of the leadership is on board and is setting a good example of how to use these days. You don’t want to run into the issue of employees being timid when it comes to actually using them. If you were handed something this awesome, wouldn’t you be afraid of losing it? Companies of all sizes could implement this practice right now if they wanted to, so why not start now?

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Alyssa Shea

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