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Business Process Modeling Solution Software

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Business Process Modeling (BPM) software is becoming more and more popular in large organizations. A writer for ebiz helped explain why these tools are gaining traction.

In a brief article, Scott Cleveland offered three reasons why people consider business process modeling solutions:

1) It takes too long for things to move through their process

2) The process appears to be error prone

3) Compliance


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Each of these examples are spot on, and are worthy of an entire blog post in themselves. In the case of a slow business process transformation, there may be redundant steps or a lack of resources.  If there are business process methodology errors, the result can be frustration or outright failure. And if a there are government productivity requirements surrounding process compliance, there could be serious ramifications if not followed.

Cleveland also outlines two essential outcomes of business process modeling: control and visibility. He writes:

Control – If you have dictated that there will be 10 steps in a process, there will be 10 steps. The software makes sure that all 10 steps take place. There are executive over-rides, but if they are taken the software will show who did it and when.

Visibility – At any time in a process, people are able to see what step is being worked on and whose desk it is on. You will be able to gather ‘wall time’ and see potential bottlenecks. This allows you to ‘tweak’ your process to make it more efficient.

In the case of large organizations, it may be wise to consider purchasing business process modeling software. But for any company or non-profit, the important step is to actually conduct business process modeling. Instead of just winging everyday business activities, why not take the time to try and draw out the sequence, the steps and the major decision points? Why not try to understand what you are actually doing?

Here at AccelaWork, we’ve congratulated BPM productivity growth software vendors before. But at the same time, software may not be the answer. To quote ourselves:

The challenge is not that we don’t have good software applications for conducting detail business process modeling work, but rather that most employees do not have a process-oriented mindset. Instead, stakeholders at all levels tend to be outcome-oriented.

You may want to consider purchasing business process modeling software. But first: model your business processes! Software isn’t going to fix all your problems. If you aren’t going into the software with the right mindset and with a plan in place, then you’re simple going to waste more time and money. A good BPM program can enhance your process and it can help avoid some errors and oversights, but it can’t do the initial groundwork for you. That’s up to you!

But if you have a solid business process model in place, then it may be time to move into the era of BPM software. Don’t rule it out just because you think things are okay in your organization. Just because you aren’t seeing the cracks in your system, doesn’t mean those cracks aren’t there. Sometimes it takes a lot of introspection and even an outside set of eyes to really see where potential errors may lie. Obviously you can’t fix a problem you don’t know about. But once everything is running as smoothly as possible you’ll truly see the sort of results you’ve always been looking for. All by analyzing the process.

And if you need help, call on the business process modeling experts at AccelaWork. We can help you turn the corner and move forward into an era of efficient processes through your organization.

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