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Business Process Methodology of Receipts

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Debating as to whether or not paperless receipts would increase productivity in your business? If so, perhaps some advice from Lavon Temple at Delivra will help make your decision easier. Take a look at the pros and cons she discovered after researching the topic.

I wrote a blog post inquiring for others to share their insight about paperless receipts. Having just been to a store that offered them I was curious to learn as much as I could, so I also did some research.  Here’s an article that described how some Indianapolis stores are planning on using this.

business consultants share thoughts on receipts

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Listed below are a couple of pros and cons I found while digging around.

Pro: Paperless receipts can be a great way for the busy shopper to get out of the store a little quicker and still be able to find the receipt later. (Some of us with bottomless pits for purses can understand how important this can be.)

Con: Some stores may use these email addresses as a way to start sending other emails to these consumers.  For these stores, it may be a way to skip the opt-in process. Instead, companies should be sure to email the receipt and then follow-up with asking about joining the email list.

Pro: Emailing receipts and not printing them off for every consumer could be another small way for companies to move towards “green.”

Con: In order for the receipt to make it to the inbox, it depends a lot on the sales associate typing the email address correctly every time.

Overall, paperless receipts have the opportunity to improve the check out process; however, just like any other email sent, it is imperative that those sending do so properly in order to make this system productive and efficient.

Although it is early, what do you think…useful or useless?

Lavon Temple is the Marketing Coordinator at Delivra where she is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day marketing activities. Lavon earned a bachelor’s degree in International Management from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.

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