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Business Process Improvement and The Power of Perspective

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Business process improvement can be controversial. To illustrate, consider the firestorm over a photograph displaying a conversation between President Obama and Vice President Biden. Turns out, a picture may not be worth a thousand words but instead a thousand different points of view.

Just this week, the picture of President Obama and Vice President Biden was posted on the White House Flickr page along with a couple dozen comments attempting to both “read” the body language and succumb to a logical solution as to why President Obama looks the way he does. Below are just a few examples of the comments posted:

Heike 1964 says:

He looks like as he sleep [sic].

roger.wilco says:

Wow, he looks like an egotistical scornful guy. I think I’d appreciate my POTUS having a little more humility

Happy Heart2010 says:

President Obama is leaning back, listening and mentally going over the details as Vice President Biden gives updates on ‘topics’.

In one published article, further comments appear:

“He’s tired and he’s floating above it all,” observed Ann Althouse, who then made the leap to predict this was a sign that Obama will not run for a second term.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey looked at Obama’s face and got the distinct impression that the boss wasn’t pleased, claiming “the stern body language of the President towards his VP isn’t a fluke.”

But another conservative, while acknowledging the negative comments about the picture, doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. “I haven’t yet seen any real explanation of how the photo is actually unflattering,” said National Review Online’s Mike Potemra — who added, as others also noted, that the tux and pose give Obama a bit of a James Bond look.

As can be seen, there are many different perspectives. However, no one but the two men—and perhaps a select few Secret Service staff members—can actually attest to the true contents, emotions and words exchanged during their discussion. Regardless of differing views however, this picture neither disproves or confirms varying arguments. In fact, it does nothing more than provide a sneak peek into the background of our nation’s leaders. So why then is it making an enormous splash in headlines?

Business Process Improvement and Perspective

© Flickr user The White House

Although we at AccelaWork are not here to make political statements, one observation is clear: we all experience judgment. Whether in a classroom, on a first date or at a job interview, at one point in time some variable has lead others to reside in their own conclusions about you, your work or even what you represent. Yes, perhaps these conclusions are inaccurate, a stretch of the truth or even completely false, but despite your efforts at rectifying them, the damage has already been done. First impressions, positive or negative in nature, weigh heavily in the recipe for success. For entrepreneurs, small business owners or even sales professionals, its these impressions that can make or break a deal.

Part of our mission is to assist businesses in repairing, redistributing or even redeveloping processes so that first impressions seen are of an organized, efficient and viable business rather than a sloppy, slow and unprofessional one. As consultants, we aim to offer a non-evasive and unbiased way to get true assessment as to the interworkings of both the company as a whole and the stakeholders who nuture that business. We seek out misdirections in assigned procedures as well as process inefficiencies that not only lag productiveness, but inhibit evolution and creation.

As the saying goes, “make a good first impression” because it is this initial encounter that which holds strong in the minds of those you meet and interact with. Granted, you cannot control mental cues, but you can work towards relaying the best, most profound, side to yourself and/or your business. Reach out to our process improvement experts today to learn more about how we can help.

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