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Business Improvement Solutions Found Through Microtraining

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Employee productivity is usually at a consistent level, until they go away for training. Then, employee productivity often gets worse before it gets better!

That’s certainly the perception that many people have of offsite seminars. Maybe it’s because while employee productivity is supposed to improve thanks to the new technology or approach, the proposed system isn’t always better.

Or, you might blame the trainer—or perhaps the trainee.

But whatever the cause of the frustration, everyone can agree that one of the most significant impact on employee productivity is the time required for these sessions. If you’re out of commission for a few hours or even an entire week, it can be tough to get caught up when you return.

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One solution to this problem is microtraining. This is simply giving quick pieces of advice or simple tactics that only take a few minutes to explain. In one post, 1st Class Solutions explained:

Organizations would benefit by creating a system to teach those little “tips and tricks” to employees. The training could be in the form of JITT (just in time training) modules that take seconds to read. Or, it could be part of a blended learning approach and included in an informal training 5 minute chat session that is scheduled on a regular basis. The purpose being to give learners a small chunk of information that they take back to their desk and apply immediately.

Supplement the learning with a job aid which could be referenced as a quick resource to help keep it at hand and used.

Training doesn’t always have to be a major undertaking. Sometimes the little things can make a tremendous difference!

Here at AccelaWork, we’ve been trying our own form of microtraining on our Twitter account. Check out our tip every morning at 9:00AM Eastern. We hope our quick tips and tricks help you to improve productivity in your office.

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