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Branding Is More Than Marketing

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Sometimes, it seems that business is moving too fast to capture customers. Have you noticed how much faster everything seems to be moving?

It’s not just the holidays, either. It’s everything. We have to work faster, think faster, and make decisions faster – or at least it seems that way. In my opinion, after coaching so many business owners and professionals, we need to be able to adapt, work differently and more efficiently. And, most importantly, we have to think differently as well. So what do I mean by that? Well, let’s just take one example to illustrate what I mean and how I think you can make a change that really makes a difference for you.

Branding – Then and Now

In the past, branding has meant:

  • A visual representation of our business – like a LOGO. An image or picture that make people think of us.
  • A tagline – a saying that reminds the public of us – think “Good to the last drop!” or “finger-lickin’ good”
  • Specific colors – IBM blue, McDonald’s gold and Target red

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Many of those branding elements were used to recall a business to the mind of the consumer. That’s great and it works – but it’s only the start. There is so much more needed to convert that initial thought into a buying customer. With the accelerated pace those in the marketing industry face in today’s world, who has the time to capture the customer with all those next steps? Not many businesses, that’s for sure. This is why the idea of branding has a new meaning and use for all of us.

Branding Is More Today

Branding today encompasses everything about our company. When our customers see that LOGO or hear that tagline, our “message” must come along with it. For instance, they need to think:

  • OUR MESSAGE – what we can do for them: our products and services
  • OUR VALUES – how they will be treated: with respect, honesty and fairness
  • OUR PROMISE – they will get a reliable product, good service, and fair value for their dollar

I know you’re probably thinking something like: “OK, but how do I make THAT happen? I have limited time, control and budget.” Even though I know you want a quick and easy process to get it in place, I can’t give you that. What I can give you is this:

Build Relationships using the basics. Business relationships don’t just exist between peers and colleagues. The most important relationship is the one you have with your clients and prospects. And the basics of building and maintaining those relationships are RESPECT, TRUST, RELIABILITY AND HONESTY – just as it has always been. They are the foundation of past business and for all future business.

Like I tell all of my Grow Your Business Coaching clients, you have to realize that you can’t build close, intimate relationships with every single person you meet, and you don’t have to. However, if you create relationships that revolve around those four elements, you will have relationships that result in loyalty and long-term connections. When anyone hears your name, sees your logo or hears of your product, your brand will shine because there is some substance behind the image or words. They take on an actual meaning. It takes conscious effort every day to work and live a certain way based on the foundation of values you hold dear to your core. That’s your brand and it will shine through quickly and efficiently. It will be in tune with the pace of the world, no matter what speed it’s spinning.

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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