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Blogging with Top-of-Mind Awareness in Mind

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We all know how important it is to keep your audience coming back for more. When it comes to blog content writing, how can we help readers “remember” and keep us in mind?

When advertisers talk of top-of-mind brand awareness, they’re describing a situation in which consumers spontaneously recall a brand name when asked about the product or service. When it comes to blog visitors, by contrast, they have probably not punched the name of your company into the search bar (instead of using search terms to describe the sort of product, service, or information they’re looking for), with the link to your blog post coming up as a possible match. If something in your blog post is “right on” for that reader, your company will be, at least for a little while, “top of mind”.

Once you have a blog visitor, of course, you’ll want to keep them on your site and entice them to come back again and again. Surprise them by demonstrating unexpected ways your company’s expertise or product line can be of value. Become a go-to source for information “curated” from different experts and organized in unexpected ways. Interestingly, the very process of creating blog content keeps the brand top-of-mind for you, as well as for your prospects, customers, and clients. When you blog (or collaborate with a content writer), you verbalize the positive aspects of your business in a way that people can understand. You put your recent accomplishments down in words. You review the benefits of your products and services and keep them fresh in your own mind.

One common issue many bloggers can attest to is struggling to come up with good content for their blogs. As I’ve said in the past, any post you write is better than writing nothing at all! Even so, you might find that some posts are harder than others to write and publish. Lifehack came out with some tips that could help us to blast past writer’s block and provide quality content. Here are a couple of suggestions that immediately caught my eye.


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Don’t Proofread Your Post Straight Away

It’s easy to immediately proofread your content. Some of us even proofread as we go, constantly starting over from the beginning of paragraphs to catch mistakes. This is easily one of the most time-consuming things that you can do. Get the words down first and then walk away from the post for a day (unless it needs to be published immediately.) Also, with your words still fresh in your mind, it’s difficult to catch mistakes that you need to correct. Giving yourself a break from what you wrote and coming back with fresh eyes is a much better option!

Develop A Writing Voice

This suggestion is actually incredibly important for bloggers. As a writer, you usually begin to adopt your own voice and style as you create content. This gives your readers a sense of continuity; like they know what to expect when they come to your blog. You want a seamless transition from post to post. So how do you want the public to receive your work? Do you want to be a friend or an expert? Should your posts be serious in tone or conversational?

Make Your Posts Timeless

For most bloggers, the ultimate goal is to create content that is timeless. That way, it’s always relevant and receiving traffic. Having out-of-date information on your blog means that it’s pretty useless for readers. That doesn’t mean that every single thing you write has to be timeless. Instead, make a list of several subjects that you could use to create several timeless posts within your niche!

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