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Indiana Social Security Numbers Publicized

One downfall to the endless possibilities of the Internet is the existence of identity theft. Just under 9,000 current and former Indiana state employees had their social security numbers posted to a public website leaving many vulnerable. Though the breach was quickly corrected, one has to wonder how such a mistake could have occurred in the first place.

Businesses Pained By Lead Tests

Everybody knows lead is dangerous. A heightened awareness and avoidance of products like lead paint is vital to public safety. Unfortunately for smaller companies, expensive new regulations for independent testing may force many to go out of business. (more…)

Brute Force Positive Thinking

Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project, often talks about on upbeat thinking. In one blog post she offers nine tips for dealing with a “happiness emergency.”


One Gadget, One Decade

Here’s a surprising productivity story: BusinessWeek tech writer Roger Kay always brings a sleek‚ portable computer to the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. But unlike the rest of the cutting edge gadgets, his trusty notebook is over ten years old. (more…)

Berkun on Change

According to noted author Scott Berkun, change has nothing to do with the latest technology. Rather, innovation comes from taking risks and embracing new ideas.

Process Abandonment, Wrongful Detention

Legal immigrants in Australia are supposed to receive letters from the government letting them know the status of their visa. For one unfortunate man, however, the mail was never sent, leaving him wrongfully imprisoned for five years. (more…)

For Sale: Service Which is Not Actually Available

The words “we’ll take care of it” from any company should be music to a consumer’s ears. After all, one less responsibility is great when the weekly to-do list is already overflowing. But what happens when a promise is left unfulfilled? (more…)

30 Days Without Email

Like almost every office worker, Katie Goodman was drowning in email. She decided to fight back by abandoning her inbox entirely for a single month. (more…)

Super Signs You Need a New Job

Super Bowl Sunday is the epitome of American football and the pinnacle of American advertising. Commercials during the big game can cover any topic—even the dissatisfaction many will face when they return to work on Monday morning. (more…)

Termination by “Mr. Nice Guy”

The humor publication The Onion has spoof editorial. The piece describes an annoying workplace conversation where the question, “Hey you got a second?”, is followed by the worst possible news. Although satire, this article offers a vivid picture of workplace communication gone bad. (more…)

The Exhausted Yet Fantastic Candidate

Whether you’re seeking a job or a current employee, quality matters. An incoming response to a startup company’s job posting looked especially promising—except for a glaring typo in the subject line. But instead of hitting “delete”, the manager sent a quick reply back to the candidate. (more…)

Leadership Competence: An Oxymoron?

The boss is supposed to be the person with the answers, who is decisive, well-informed and supremely confident. Why then does it seem like so many managers are clueless?

Failure: The Secret to Success

Making a decision at work sometimes feels like sliding a quarter down a slot machine. Every chance taken is a gamble between success and failure. But without placing bets or playing cards, can we find success and make our dreams reality?


Waste Not, Get Sued

Eddie House got so good at recycling, composting and reducing his waste that he decided to cancel his garbage service. The official response to his earth-friendly efforts? Sued by local government. (more…)

Plan to Survive

Henry Efroymson, partner at local Indianapolis law firm Ice Miller, offers nine advisories for companies in the current economic whirlwind. (more…)

Police Avoid Making Arrests

Police in Queensland, Australia, are releasing some criminals on bail rather than holding them in custody. The new computer records system is so slow and convoluted, officers are even reluctant to make arrests for fear of having to use the application.

Cube Farms Are Unhealthy

An open-plan office might save on construction costs, but yet another study has demonstrated that cubicles lead to reduced productivity and increased stress. (more…)

Reply-All Leads to Gridlock

Process improvement at work usually means using email smarter. One crucial tip for improving email usage is to use the “reply-all” feature sparingly, if at all. (more…)

Outsmarting the Carjackers

When Alan Heuss of Columbus, OH had his car stolen at gunpoint, he assumed the vehicle was lost forever. Then, he realized his cellphone could be used to trap the thieves. A deceptive text message tricked the criminals into revealing their location to the police. (more…)

Excel Macro, You’re Hired

The social news website Reddit hosted a message board conversation between programmers. The topic related to business efficiency: “How many of you are working with at least one person who you could replace with an Excel macro?”

Investing in the Competition

When the Sony Corporation partnered with IBM and Toshiba to design a new processor for the next generation PlayStation 3, everyone understood that IBM might someday sell the chips to another customer. However, no one thought to structure the tri-lateral agreement to prevent such a competitor like Microsoft from buying the processors before they were even finished. (more…)

Efficiency the Japanese Way

Thanks to some recent reforms, it’s much less complex to die in Maine. The average time required to issue death certificates is down from over three months to just five days. These dramatic improvements in local governments come from process improvement approach called “kaizen”, which originated in Japan. (more…)

Counting is Fundamental

Babies who are brand new to the world are not only adorable, but brilliant. According to The Economist, they can differentiate between two and three objects. (more…)