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Business Consultants Recommend Going To Work Naked?

Tess Vigeland, host of the National Public Radio show Marketplace Money, interviewed the managing director of a UK design firm. He invited all of his employees to come to work not without negative thoughts, but without any clothing. (more…)

Remote Work Week

This week, The Methodology Blog will be covering the latest perspectives on working remotely. (more…)

Is Self-Confidence Genetic?

Researchers have determined that intellectual confidence is part of our DNA, proving again that what you think you know is overshadowed by what you believe about yourself. (more…)

Process Automation and Employee Morale

Local Indianapolis consulting and telephony services company, Interactive Intelligence, announced “communications-based process automation.” The offering sounds great for management, but what about for employees? (more…)

Cutting Waste, Dumping a Networking Group

Indianapolis speaker and sales coach Jeff Bowe points out that sales requires being “vigilant in using limited time.” But how should sales professionals manage their time effectively? (more…)

Over-investing in BPM Technology

In an eWeek piece, Laura Mooney advocates “investing” in business process management software.  Unfortunately, making yet another technology purchase will only contribute to the methodological problems in an organization. (more…)

Is Complexity Always Bad For Business?

Business process improvement is usually about making procedures less complex. The recent death of electronics retailer Circuit City provides many somber lessons for business. One key idea is that simplicity might actually be overrated. (more…)

Temporary Change Can Become Standard Operating Procedure

The team at XYZ Industries ran a fairly efficient warehouse floor, often processing as many as 60 orders per day. When new people were hired for a seasonal rush, the floor manager put together a simple paper artifact to facilitate training. That temporary fix became a major boon to productivity and was adopted as SOP—Standard Operating Procedure. (more…)