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Business Improvement Process Failure

Millions of companies have pursued major business process improvement projects. Evidence reported in the Wall Street Journal, however, showed that most of these endeavors fail. (more…)

Borders Books and Losing Credibility

It’s never easy avoiding favoritism, particularly when it involves a large amount of business with large sums of money. Yet, as those who were Borders bookstore now know, ignoring or delaying others can lead to more than just annoyed clients. (more…)

Worker Productivity Bolstered by 18 Cool Tools

The folks at Mashable, the “world’s largest social media company,” published a list of productivity tools. You probably didn’t know that the web has radical new ways to conduct old fashioned tasks like managing your to-do list, taking notes or gathering information. (more…)

Advice on Avoiding Social Media Blunders

Twitter, as we very well know, is one of the fastest growing avenues of social media today. And although it only allows up to 140 characters, it’s still large enough for trouble—regardless of the intentions. (more…)

Self-Control Can Be Contagious

Trying to stay focused at work? Want to avoid eating that extra piece of cake? Science now says: try thinking about people with better self-control than you. (more…)

The SarcMark And Its Benefits In Communication

Nowadays, email exchange is a dominant form of both personal and business communication. In fact, it’s so commonplace that now there is a special feature that helps avoid one of it’s biggest blunders: the misinterpretation of words.  (more…)

Workplace Productivity in 36 Minutes

There’s nothing quite like the satirical news magazine The Onion to help us recognize ironies in our advanced society. A recent headline simply reads: “Man Gets Life In Order For 36 Minutes.” (more…)

Passive Aggressive Threats Hurt Productivity

Companies use email to communicate on just about every imaginable topic, from party announcements to corporate decisions. But it’s still surprising to see an email that contains an underlying use of threatening language. (more…)

The Five Box System and Its Effectiveness

As part of the More Than a Few Words podcast, Indianapolis small business leader Lorraine Ball sat down with our own Robby Slaughter to talk about productivity. A key topic from the conversation was the “Five Box System.” (more…)

Business Process Improvement and The Power of Perspective

Business process improvement can be controversial. To illustrate, consider the firestorm over a photograph displaying a conversation between President Obama and Vice President Biden. Turns out, a picture may not be worth a thousand words but instead a thousand different points of view. (more…)

Christmas and the Absolute Date

Millions of people all over the world rush to complete final purchases before the stroke of midnight. It’s the biggest retail deadline of the year, which raises the question: Do deadlines make us more productive? (more…)

Fueling Efficiency or Impatience?

If waiting longer than 60 seconds for a refill on your soda is unacceptable, then perhaps you should head to the Sunshine State for dinner. After all, Floridians are enjoying new service technology from their local Applebee’s, so why shouldn’t you? (more…)

Worker Productivity vs. Facebook

A survey of 4,000 office workers in India revealed something everybody already knew: employees spend about an hour a day on social networking websites like Facebook. (more…)

Personal Productivity and Resolving to Succeed

Personal productivity improvements are always worth considering, whether it’s the first of the year or simply the day you decide to make a change. Here are some personal productivity tips for being more effective at keeping your resolutions. (more…)