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Do You Feel Disrespected At Work?

If you’ve just started taking on leadership roles at work, you might find that it’s difficult to get into a good rhythm with your employees. You might struggle less if you follow this advice! (more…)

[PODCAST] Tips On Working Remotely

If you’re looking for tips on remote work, this podcast might be for you. Robby Slaughter sat down with Lorraine Ball on the podcast More Than A Few Words to talk about being productive in a remote environment. (more…)

[PODCAST] Improving During COVID-19

Many of us had to change our daily routines lately and it’s left us in somewhat of a rut when it comes to creativity or improving communication skills. Can we still grow during this pandemic? (more…)

When Leaders Don’t or Aren’t Leading

When a leader isn’t leading, the people begin to drift. When someone isn’t running a department, leading an organization, or heading a family, then the following results are inevitable. (more…)

Adding Structure To Your Life

Do you have a set plan for each day or do you go with the flow? You might find that you’ll get more accomplished if you give your days more structure. (more…)

How Do You Think?

Positive thinking is an amazing tool, but without action, it’s a waste of time. It’s more of a way of life rather than just having a momentary thought. (more…)