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Is It Truly Possible To Become Wealthy?

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Many people go into business for themselves, work hard at their jobs, or try to find a side hustle because they want to become wealthy. But is that really possible? Is it even likely?

My opinion is this: I guess the answer to that depends on YOU.

Money and Wealth

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “poverty consciousness?” It’s a state of mind that too many people have and it’s holding them back.

Poverty consciousness is a term used to define the idea or thought that “I don’t have enough.” Or, in a broader sense, “there isn’t enough for everyone, anyway.”

It’s a mindset of negative baggage we tend to lug behind us. It’s part of the litany of the little voice in our head that is repeated right along with:

  • I can’t do it.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I don’t know enough.
  • I don’t deserve it.

All those things negatively impact our ability to achieve success and poverty consciousness is a hurdle to achieving financial success. In effect, it’s a constant awareness of what we don’t have.

One way you might know that someone is suffering from this phenomenon is that they say “I can’t afford that.” This means you’re thinking about something you want, and it’s beyond your reach. A person who has wealth consciousness would say: “That’s not in the budget right now, but maybe it should be!” See the difference?

I’ve seen it happen over and over in my coaching experiences. When we don’t think we are deserving of financial rewards, or that there isn’t enough to go around, it just “proves” we won’t ever make it to the level we want financially.

All the numbers in the world won’t bring success without the proper mindset.You can know all your numbers. You can work to increase sales. You can work yourself into exhaustion. If you keep the poverty consciousness, none of that will matter. It won’t work. Because, as Napoleon Hill said,

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The inverse is true as well. Thoughts are things. Your thoughts become your reality. Think poverty; get poverty.

Again, the opposite is true. An abundance mindset can become an abundant life.


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There are more than enough clients, customers and sales to go around. Believe that. See that. Plan for it. Reap it.

Since encouragement, support, and accountability are integral elements of positive relationships, there is always talk about all the self-doubt and negativity we keep inside us. Re-program that little voice in your head. Slap it around if you need to, but refuse to believe what it says and change its lines. Instead:

  • I CAN do it.
  • I AM good enough, talented enough and smart enough to achieve everything I want.
  • I KNOW enough and can get all the knowledge I need to succeed.
  • I DESERVE the best of everything.
  • Know the numbers and financial side of your business, but know what your mindset is saying about your financial success, too. Work on both ends to find the profits and set the world afire with unlimited achievement.

A great article on this topic by Lynn Kimble includes this fantastic quote:

“Prosperity is not just having things.
It is the consciousness that attracts the things.
Prosperity is a way of living and thinking,
and not just having money or things.
Poverty is a way of living and thinking,
and not just a lack of money or things.”
—Eric Butterworth

If you want to talk more about how to overcome the negative voice in your head and set loose the power in your mind, let us know!

To Your Success!

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