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Bad Economy, Longer Weekends?

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Here’s some good news in a down economy. If you’re on the cusp of unemployment: Accept three day weekends and you get to keep your job. Instead of having employees work overtime to compensate for financial distress, employers are handing out vacation time.

The economic strife facing our country is hitting many businesses hard.  Unfortunately, employers have few options other than downsizing. Workers are paralyzed with fear about facing unemployment. Yet according to Business Week companies are opting to reduce employees’ working hours rather than eliminating jobs entirely. And these aren’t business consultants talking—HR pros at many organizations are pursuing the concept of a four-day work week.

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Chris Simpson, senior Vice President at a manufacturing company, is determined to retain experienced staff—even if only for a shortened work week. He believes keeping employees leaves the company better prepared for when the economy turns back around. Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta agrees. “It’s not just jobs we’ve saved, it’s services.”

Unconventional thinking can create opportunities. Applying innovative, unexpected ideas to seemingly unsolvable problems can bring beneficial change to business operations. In some cases, it can even save jobs.

Even if you’re company isn’t facing a labor problem, you’re likely to find value in new perspectives. That’s the core of great business consulting. An approach that sounds crazy at first just might the most useful idea of all.

Here at AccelaWork, we believe in the vitality of best practices; yet we also focus on discovering alternative solutions that uniquely fit a company’s needs. Our top business consultants would love to take part in a truly exclusive and in-depth consultation on how your company can broaden its views on problem-solving.

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