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Avoiding Boredom at Work

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Bored at work? There are a million ways to fill your time. A new article, however, lists ways to be improve productivity when you feel like doing nothing.

The piece comes from Ritika Trikha, staff writer for CareerBliss. She quotes our own Robby Slaughter in her opening:

You might be overqualified, underappreciated or, heck, working at a job that’s just too easy for you. Whatever the reason — if boredom has you yawning at work, grab some sort of beverage that will give you a jumpstart (we’re thinking caffeinated, not alcoholic) and beat your boredom once and for all. Don’t sit like a potato!

First thing on the list: your vocab. From here on out, there is no such thing as “downtime,” only “opportunity time,” says Robby Slaughter, productivity and workflow expert. Opportunities are meant to be seized!

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All of Trikha’s suggestions are excellent, but here are a couple we want to highlight:

4. Expand your Virtual Network

Take this opportunity to make some new virtual contacts outside of your office. Cue LinkedIn, your second best friend.

As we’ve covered before on The Methodology Blog, you can actually be productive with social media. Building connections on various networks is a great way to do this. You can also reach out to reconnect with old colleagues, or work on your social media process.

Another tip the author mentions reads as follows:

6. Do Something for Someone Else

You will feel good and look good! “Even volunteering to organize a file room or shared workspace is something that would probably be appreciated and show that you are a team player and invested in your workplace,” [psychotherapist Joyce] Marter says.

In this case, there’s even scientific research to support this claim. We recently reported on how helping others increases productivity. When you take time to do something for a colleague, a friend, or even a stranger, you find yourself feeling more satisfied and more competent. And if you were bored before you decided to be useful, then certainly you’re making the world a better place!

Arthur C. Clarke has often been quoted as saying “The truly educated man can never be bored.” We’d like to amend his thought: “Those truly interested in making progress will always find a way to defeat boredom.”

We hope you agree!

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Robby Slaughter
Robby Slaughter is a workflow and productivity expert. He is a nationally known speaker on topics related to personal productivity, corporate efficiency and employee engagement. Robby is the founder of AccelaWork, a company which provides speakers and consultants to a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, regional non-profits, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Robby has written numerous articles for national magazines and has over one hundred published pieces. He is also the author of several books, including Failure: The Secret to Success. He has also been interviewed by international news outlets including the Wall Street Journal. Robby’s newest book is The Battle For Your Email Inbox.
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