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All You Can Eat…Or Else

Business processes vary. The buffet is different than the sit-down restaurant. And each has its own process for charging.

[VIDEO] Getting Fired In the Digital Era

Employee productivity is sure to drop if rumors fly of impending layoffs. Ruth Luban, who has devoted her career to assisting the recently unemployed, comments on the changing landscape of termination.

Email and Meetings: They Aren’t Work

Employee productivity. We all want it. But when we spend so much time doing email and going to meetings, is it possible to be a productive employee? One article presents a curious analysis.

[VIDEO] Efficiency and Effectiveness

Business consulting is about breaking down problems into the most important details. This video post from Robby Slaughter is a classic example: the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

More Choices Mean More Waste

As much as 10% of all supermarket food is dumped because it spoils before it can be sold. This amounts to $20 billion in annual waste in America alone. The cause may be from too many choices for consumers.

Dealing with Workplace Favoritism

The best companies with the greatest employee engagement are those where workers are treated fairly. Our own Robby Slaughter’s guest post for Today’s Workplace covers an common aspect of fairness at work: dealing with favoritism.

The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment

Process improvement consulting requires taking a serious look at how everything works: including how people make decisions. That’s why a famous study dealing with of marshmallows (really, marshmallows) is crucial in understanding employee behavior. (more…)