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Why The End of The Month Is Bad For Customers

Sharon, a sales associate for a high-end furniture store, recently spent an entire day stressed and overworked. According to the store’s corporate sales cycle,¬†having everything completed before the first of the month is highly encouraged and frankly, expected. (more…)

Business Process Methodology Behind a Bowling Breakthrough

Athletes take on all sorts of styles and skills to help gain momentum in their sport. And as great as it may be always go by the book, sometimes it takes an unorthodox approach to bring an even stronger game.¬†At least that’s how Tim Wolchko became a champion bowler. (more…)

Want to Make More Money? Pay People More.

Here’s a business improvement tip you don’t hear every day: If you want to make more money, don’t slash salaries for your front line workers. Research shows that you should pay them more. (more…)