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[INFOGRAPHIC] Common Timewasters at Work

Much of what business consultants do is look for ways to improve efficiency and eliminate wasted time. But a new infographic points out that three common time wasters are more about business culture than business process. (more…)

The Importance of Pride in Your Work

Here’s a secret that everyone from consultants to managers to teachers know: if you have pride in your work, you’ll find success in your life. That’s the theme of a guest post submitted by a member of our team. (more…)

Five Quirky Tips to Boost Your Productivity

As an Indianapolis consulting practice, we’re always interested in ways to help organizations and individuals increase productivity. But sometimes the most important productivity advice is to think differently. (more…)

Business Improvement and Paying a Tip

“To Improve Performance” is one supposed acronym that describes the practice of tipping. Everyone assumes cash incentives improve performance. But what if they have the opposite effect? (more…)