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The Ultimate Apps For Increasing Sales As A Sales Rep

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The world of small businesses is becoming more and more competitive. However, the modern world has given sales reps one tool to turn to their advantage: smartphones.

The rise of these handheld computers has opened the floodgates for thousands of helpful apps to be filtered through app stores, only the best being picked to become available to users. Some of these apps can be saving graces for struggling sales reps, or might just be the pick-me-up you need after a business plateau. Any app which can make the business run smoother will be an amazing help, and luckily there’s a lot of them out there for you to pick from – these are some of the best!

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Have you ever received an incredibly important document which everyone on the team has to sign, but had some people out of the office, others busy completing equally important or urgent work, and someone else off sick? It’s a nightmare.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, so the people behind HelloSign created an app which will allow you to sign documents electronically. Your client can choose almost any platform for the document – Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs or even OneDrive – and HelloSign will be compatible, allowing you to request for up to twenty members of your team to sign the document, all in an instant! It’s paperwork made easier, and can definitely save you time and effort, and maybe even secure a deal which would’ve been ruined by the delay otherwise.


You might already have a personal Gmail account, but did you know that a professional Gmail account network can do wonders for your sales team?

No–not just individual accounts. A shared, perhaps *private* account.

“Unlike other email platforms, Gmail has been crafted specifically for businesses, and you can tell through the design that this is the case,” says Jodie Powell, a marketing blogger at BigAssignments and Boomessays, “and with the optimized G Suite you can take on many different sales tasks from one place! Obviously, you can send emails to other members of your team and clients, but you can also live-chat with the team for constant and up-to-date news and updates, and use Google Calendar to keep on top of when your next meeting is, or your next important deadline. All in all, it’s an amazing tool which can really help you out with communications.”

Full Contact

Now, we come to a less obvious app, but one that everyone who meets and networks with a lot of different people from different companies can use. Full Contact allows you to create a digital ‘address book’ as it were, by taking pictures of every business card that you get and sorting it into a digital dashboard.

If you move to the premium service, you can also enjoy uploading the scanned details from each business card to your mobile phone’s contacts, making communication even easier, since you are able to bypass the app after the first stage completely, streamlining the process! It’s a handy little tool and can help you out when your stack of business cards is becoming too much to sort through every time you need to find an email or mobile number.


“Keeping receipts and trying to work out if your purchases fit with company policy or not can be a messy and annoying business, so why not get an app to do it for you?” Lee Walsh, a sales writer at AustralianHelp and OXEssays, asks. “Expensify allows you to choose a report to put on your receipt by just taking a picture of it on your phone, and it also can analyse whatever your company reimbursement policy is and tell you if the expenses can go through automatically or will have to reviewed before they can be approved just by viewing the image – it’s incredible!”

Catching duplicate expenses before they cost you and your business and the ability to automatically reimburse you once the report has been approved, it’s just amazing what this one app can achieve, and how much time and effort it can save you, not to mention taking out the worry of human error with all your receipt keeping and expense checking.

Aimee LaurenceAimee Laurence is a self-proclaimed ‘happiness consultant’ who also works in marketing, guiding teams through the process at Write My Paper and Assignment Help. As a respected lifestyle coach, she wants to spread her positive messages throughout the world, and often blogs about this. Aimee is a tutor at academic portal. Aimee writes for sales reps and enjoys reviewing latest apps. Her posts have been published on numerous online publications like Forbes and Drive The Life.

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