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An Unusual Method For Meeting Your Goal

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As every new year begins, chances are you have some fresh goals in the queue. To make your journey through this new year a bit more interesting, consider this unusual tip for tackling your aspirations.

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In a guest post on the Splendore blog, Robby Slaughter, a principal at AccelaWork, provides an unusual tip for achieving your goals this year. In this short assessment, you may find that his suggested method may help you get through the hump of tackling even the most difficult of goals.

All of us have goals we need to meet. But most of the time, we just try and set and complete them on our own.

Why not leverage our friends and colleagues to help make our goals a reality?

In much of our lives, we are subject to “peer pressure” to encourage us to make certain choices. But we can use the same phenomenon to achieve our own goals.

First, start by letting people know about your goal. Call some friends or some coworkers. Tell them your plan and your deadline.

Then, ask them to keep you accountable. Ask them to check on you once in a while to see how you are doing.

Finally, report your progress to them, especially when you finally finish.

Use peer pressure to your advantage. By making your goal social, you’re more likely to finish.

Looking to improve your own productivity this year? Ready to tackle and finally manage your email overload? Want to improve presentations and organization productivity in your office? Whatever resolutions are on your list this year, reach out to our productivity consultants at AccelaWork if you are in need of help.

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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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