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Aim, and Hone In On The Real Target

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Humans are social animals. Whether you think of yourself as one in a gaggle of geese or one in a pride of lions, we all want to be part of something and belong.

Businesses, because they are made up of people, are the same way. It’s the connections and relationships that really breed success and growth.

If you look at leaders in successful organizations, they are friends with other successful people. Their success was not achieved by themselves alone. There were others who helped, nurtured, supported and promoted them.

Think about it. You know that this is the answer to these fundamental questions:

So do what you need to do and what will build that foundation for exponential success. It isn’t going out and latching on to someone’s coattails. No.

It is doing what you do in life. Making friends. Listening and being a friend. It is supporting and asking. And it’s not hard. All you have to do is aim and make an effort and that leads…to the real target.


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Are you up for an experiment?

I know what the outcome can be, but I think many of us (me included) have to actually experience something to really understand the power we hold in the little things we can do.

STEP 1. This is something that you may already have done. I want you to identify your top prospect. Who is it that you really want as a client or as a strategic partner? It could be a business you want to work with, but for this you have to drill down to a particular person.

STEP 2. Go to Google Alerts and enter the company name, the person’s name and the industry they are in.

STEP 3. Keep watch of the articles and news that comes in. When something pops up that you find interesting that relates to them, send it via email to them or through social media with a note saying you thought this might interest them or an insight you gained from the article. Or, if it’s been an achievement made by the company or person, send a quick “Congratulations!” or “I really liked this article!”

STEP 4. Enter on social media. Don’t tweet them or add a post to their timeline. No, FOLLOW THEM. Pay attention to their posts. Retweet, reply and interact with them. This will allow you to start to show up on their radar.

Women Networking

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To grow a solid business, build real relationships that will be long term and mutually beneficial. Build on that relationship until you can offer to meet for a cup of coffee or a one-to-one. That meeting is not to sell them, but to get to know them and vice versa. It might take some time, but before long, you will discover one of two things:

  • They are not who or what you expected and this is not a good fit personally or professionally.
  • You have built a relationship where you know, like and are starting to trust each other.

Think what those type of relationships mean to your business. If you are in business for the long-term, these are the relationships you want to build and maintain – for your business growth and your own personal and professional development.

Building a business is like every other aspect of life: you create links and connections and they last a long, long time, providing benefits and perks you never thought possible. It’s all in an effort to contribute. So take aim, and hit your mark—to help them!

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Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

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