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Finding Zen In The Customer Service Experience

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If you haven’t heard of Zendesk, then you probably will be seeing a lot about them soon. Their fresh take on customer support will benefit all of us.

The process of customer service hasn’t really changed much. Either you’re stuck on the phone for a half an hour, listening to elevator music while your rage slowly intensifies or you’re expected to send an email which can take days to receive a response. With all the technology our modern world has provided us, you would think that some mind bending new way to handle these issues would already be in place. Luckily, the brains over at Zendesk have been changing the game. TechCrunch posted an article revealing how Zendesk is planning to make our lives so much easier.

So what’s their grand plan? Using SMS as a new channel of customer support. They already had an SMS integration function that allowed for the notification to help desk members who could then send texts. Usually, they would use this when an urgent support matter would arise or if a valuable customer was requesting their aid. With this new launch, the text messaging won’t be available only to the help desk workers, but for the customers needing support as well.


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“The rise of on-demand services and an increasingly mobile customer base makes this channel important for businesses,” said Ryan Nichols, general manager of Zendesk Voice. “SMS lets businesses connect with their customers wherever they are in an extremely personal way.”

So who does this benefit already? The 75,000 and growing companies who are currently using Zendesk. We expect that number to explode. An added benefit to these companies would be that customer information can be tethered to their current accounts, meaning the customer can use whatever channel they want that fits their time frame. according to Investor’s Business Daily, their stock has jumped.

“Zendesk finished Q4 with over 75,600 customer accounts, up from 69,000 last quarter, representing a record 6,600 customer additions,” said Pacific Crest analyst Brendan Barnicle in a research report late Tuesday. “As a result, customer acquisition costs and return on acquisition costs improved in Q1 over Q4.”

Not only that, but their forecast revenue for 2016 is pretty impressive.

“For 2016, Zendesk forecast revenue of $302.5 million at the midpoint of its guidance range, which would be up 45%, and is $7.5 million above its earlier guidance of $295 million.”

You’re probably thinking at this point that it can’t really differ that much from emailing, right? For a lot of businesses, email is just too slow when it comes to their customer’s needs. Many on-demand industries can’t allow for technicians or customers to wait 20 minutes for an email reply.

“Our customers and Runners prefer to interact via SMS,” said Evan Aldrich, head of customer support at delivery business Favor. “Using Zendesk to provide SMS support is easy to set up and fits perfectly into our existing workflows.”

We write a lot about the customer experience here at The Methodology Blog. Mostly because it’s something all of us are sick of experiencing. Could you imagine how beautiful the customer service experience would be if internet or delivery providers would put this to use? You wouldn’t have to wait in your house during that 9 AM to 5 PM window they provide for the cable guy to show up. What about those packages that supposedly left the warehouse a week ago and have been “in transit” for what seems like an eternity that will hopefully arrive at some point this morning? All of this would change if you could simply receive a text or get an immediate response on wait time. Here’s hoping this finds more traction across numerous industries!

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Alyssa Shea

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