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Workplace Productivity and Blogging

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At the blogINDIANA 2009 conference, AccelaWork gave a talk on Productivity and Blogging. The take home lesson: yes, you can blog quickly and efficiently!

The presentation began with a series of Five Lessons about blogging

  1. Almost everybody quits blogging. According to the New York Times an incredible 95% of all blogs are abandoned. This is great evidence that poor productivity kills blogging.
  2. Amazing blogs are regular. All of the great blogs, whether they are hugely popular or successful in a niche, are updated consistently.
  3. Quality doesn’t matter much. Bloggers constantly debate whether grammar and spelling actually matter, and often point out that most business blogs stink.
  4. The most recent post wins. Search engines and users pay more attention to what you wrote today than what you wrote yesterday.
  5. We are all vain. Every blog post is written and made public so others can read it. Acknowledging that we write because we want our words to be read is essential to blogging.

Based on the lessons, the presentation offered several helpful perspectives on blogging productively. The most important advice is the same we give at AccelaWork every day: if you do something regularly, design a process for that task. Every organization will need a different procedure, but having a process beats “winging it every time.”

worker productivity in the workplace

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The session concluded with a brave demo. After soliciting an idea from the audience and recruiting a volunteer to edit, we produced a worker productivity post in 575 seconds. This is undeniable proof that you can blog quickly if you have a system.

For more information on designing a blogging process for you or your company, contact our business consultants at AccelaWork today!

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