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Workplace Depression Caused Not By Workload, But By Bosses

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If you’re depressed at work, don’t look to the pile of work on your desk. Research shows that your supervisor is the most likely cause of workplace depression.

That’s the news from an article in ScienceNordic, which covers the topic:

Surprisingly, the study indicates that a heavy workload has no effect on whether or not employees become depressed. Instead, it is the work environment and the feeling of being treated unfairly by the management that has the greatest effect on an employee’s mood.

“We may have a tendency to associate depression and stress with work pressure and workload; however, our study shows that the workload actually has no effect on workplace depression,” says one of the researchers behind the new study, psychologist Matias Brødsgaard Grynderup, PhD, of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University.

“This suggests that the risk of workplace depression cannot be minimised by changing the workload.”

This is one of those findings that might seem like a surprise until you think about it for a few minutes. Workload may rise and fall, and it’s not too difficult to leave what is undone at work. But a difficult boss is there all the time.

And we all know that a negative experience with a boss can stay with us well after work is over.

Workplace Depression

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So workplace depression is caused mostly by who we work for, not what we do. Combine that with the reality of the connection between workplace productivity and bosses. That means that probably the most significant indicator of your future at any company is person you report to.

This means if you hate your job, you probably dislike your boss.

And if you want happier, more productive employees, look at your managers. That may mean looking in the mirror.

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