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[INFOGRAPHIC] Working From Home–Is It The Future?

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I’m writing this blog post from the comfort of my home office. That’s only because the local coffeeshop isn’t my office today. So is working from home the future?

An infographic from the folks at covers a few of the key stats. Take a look:

Working from Home

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Yes, we’ve covered working from home before. When you’re discussing business improvement and employee productivity, this is a hot topic. We’ve even outlined the key disadvantages to telecommuting.

What else is there to say about working from home? The title of this piece nails it: whether you like it or not, remote work is the future. This is for many reasons, but the biggest of all is money. It’s always going to be cheaper to have remote team members than it is to have them in an office. There’s savings in rent, savings in gas, savings in workplace attire, and savings in office furniture.

Workplaces also have tons of problems. The office is an interruption factory. Plus you have to deal with office politics and interacting with people that you might not otherwise want to interact with.

There’s also an opportunity to maximize the fit of the worker to the task at hand. In a traditional work-at-the-office job, you can only get the candidates who are interested in living within the range of a commute. But when an individual can work from anywhere, you’ve got a huge pool of candidates to choose from.

Lastly, I’d argue that some of the qualities that everyone wants—people who manage their time well, who are self-starters, and who are motivated by results rather than facetime—are the people you’re mostly likely to get if telecommuting is part of the culture. It’s easy to “look busy” if you’re in the office. But there’s nothing to do remotely except for the work, which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

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