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Workplace Productivity From Dilbert

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The concept of workflow and its impact on productivity is often highlighted on our blog. The classic workplace comic strip, Dilbert, had an interesting take on the subject.

From the official Dilbert website (direct link):

worker productivity from Dilbert

One would hope that typical workplace brainstorming sessions tackle issues more constructively! Comparing office tasks to chickens working for pellets may seem analogous to utilizing the newest program or process to complete more work. The outcome of the upgrade is appealing, particularly to upper management whose main objective is to increase the overall success of a company. After all, more work completed in a less time means more business, more money and greater clout. Right?

To those responsible for the conducting the process—and whose jobs depend on it—the thought of improvements can be terrifying, especially if it means eliminating the job altogether.  In the end, employees in such compromising positions may spend more time dwelling on the stress that comes with the delivery of a pink slip rather than the quality and creativity of their work. So the inevitable question becomes, how can an increase in productivity through streamlined processes benefit all parties involved?

AccelaWork believes that the key is to value all aspects of a process, employee and management alike. As we talked about before regarding worker productivity, “You are more than the sum of your tasks and responsibilities—you are a force for creativity, a source of commitment and limitless potential. A machine might enable you to finish rote tasks faster but it cannot replace brilliance and instinct.” During process reengineering, all stakeholders must remember that individual contribution should be valued not just because of the time spent completing a process, but also for the time spent creating and nurturing the process.

AccelaWork delivers more than just tangible solutions: we provide in-depth investigation and focused attention. We view stakeholder satisfaction as essential to the creation and retention of productivity. Therefore, to us, who better to focus on then those employees who are key to positively evolving productive workflow. If your company wants to expand time for employee innovation and decrease hours spent on monotonous tasks, ask for help. Contact our Indianapolis consultants today.

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