Rhoda Israelov

Rhoda Israelov

With 35 years’ experience as a wordsmith, Rhoda Israelov has things to say about the things companies, organizations, and practitioners are saying to their online visitors, customers, clients, and donors.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rhoda attended high school and college in New York City and, since 1968, has made her home in Indianapolis. Following her retirement from a long career as financial advisor (during which her weekly “Dear Rhoda” column was published in the Indianapolis Business Journal and later the Indianapolis Star over a combined 25 years), Rhoda founded the now ten-year-old Say It For You online marketing and content creation company.

Having begun her writing career long before blogging was a gleam in marketers’ eyes, the experience Rhoda had gained translating complex topics into easily understandable and engaging articles for the IBJ made for a natural transition into online marketing. “So well has she been able to capture the concepts I want to convey to my readers and clients, she has begun to sound like me,” crowed the attorney who was Rhoda’s first blogging client.

Over the twelve years since her retirement as First Vice President of Smith Barney, while launching and developing Say It For You, Rhoda has continued to be an active member of the business community, working part time in writing and teaching-related positions at Butler University College of Business, the Ivy Tech Learning Center, and Pearson Education. In both live sessions for newbie blog writers and in her own twice-weekly blog posts, Rhoda continues to offer tips guidelines and challenges to help blog content writers develop effective material.

Achievements arrive in different forms, only sometimes in terms of SEO: “Google traffic has tripled over the time that Rhoda and her staff began blogging,” the webmaster for a furniture company reported; a dry cleaning chain owner described the blog created by Say It For You as not only entertaining and informative, but “instrumental in dramatically increasing traffic to our website for several years.”

While continuing to develop her client base and develop the Say It For You team of writers, Rhoda now devotes time to making presentations about the promotional, credibility, and SEO benefits of blogging, teaching attendees practical skills that can sharpen the focus of their marketing initiatives. Rhoda understands that what you say about yourself and about your business or practice is not a thing to be left to chance!

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Rhoda Israelov

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Rhoda Israelov


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Rhoda Israelov

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