What We Do

There’s more than one side to business improvement consulting. But foremost, AccelaWork is a marketing product for you to offer to clients and prospects. Our service resides in your marketing budget and grows your bottom line.

A New Marketing Approach

Anybody can try to entice potential customers with promotional items and free meals. Instead, you probably attribute most of the success of your sales and marketing team to:

  • Customer-centric relationships built on trust and mutual respect
  • Genuine expertise in your industry, your products, and your services
  • Confidence in the longevity and commitment of your brand

Billboards, TV spots, free toasters, tradeshow booths, and direct mail pieces may help, but it is personal experiences which translate into customer loyalty. AccelaWork offers a fresh approach to recruiting and retaining clients.

Our Service

AccelaWork Principal Robby Slaughter

We offer insourced speaking, consulting, and coaching for your clients and prospects in multiple areas of business improvement. Our experts run workshops, lead presentations, and deliver keynotes at your branded events. Our team provides on-site consulting and coaching to your customers. We strengthen your client relationships by enabling you to sponsor innovative programming and individualized services. Available service areas include:

Process Improvement

Getting better at what you do often requires breaking down the steps, the decisions, and the workflows to understand the system. Our Business Process Improvement analysts produce “as-is” and “to-be” process maps through interactive facilitation, conduct on-site shadowing and stakeholder interviews, and assist with process automation implementation.

Sales Training & Coaching

Closing deals is the end; generating leads, qualifying opportunities, and leading crucial conversations is only the beginning. We offer Sales Training for teams and individuals that want to expand their pipeline, and Sales Coaching for business developers ready to make dramatic changes in the market.

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Work without passion may result in progress, but will rarely foster innovation or lead to optimal productivity. Our speakers can inspire audiences through compelling testimony, sound logic, and current research data.

Networking & Brand Ambassadorship

Study after study shows that word-of-mouth marketing trumps all forms of paid media, yet most businesses barely invest in Networking Training. Help your clients and prospects develop their potential as brand ambassadors through behavior modification, personal marketing strategies, and relationship management.

Customer Service Training

A happy customer may tell one friend; a dissatisfied customer will complain to anyone who will listen. Our Customer Service Experts offer workshops and presentations about managing difficult situations and tactics for building a customer-first workplace culture.

Helping Yourself

Although AccelaWork’s service is offered through your marketing department, your operations, human resources, or sales teams may benefit from our expertise. In addition to sponsoring programs and consulting for your clients, your own employees have access to our consultants. Contact us for more information.