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Unexpected Inspiration from BlogIndiana

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Having never attended Blog Indiana before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But as I reflect back on what I learned, I’d say this conference was more than just eye-opening. It proved to be a source of unexpected inspiration.

To say I am an inexperienced blogger would be an exaggeration, but I admit my history in this type of social media is relatively new. I began writing for this business process transformation blog in 2008 and chugged along, attempting to create content that was not only timely, but compelling to AccelaWork’s readers. Needless to say, it has taken me nearly two years to find a niche in this new found world and yet, I can humbly admit: there are still so many ways I can improve.

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Knowing there was still so much to learn, I decided that attending BIN2010 would be a good idea. Not surprisingly, it was extremely beneficial. Below is just a snippet of what I learned.

  • Be Yourself. In every session I attended this sentiment was a front-runner in content. And though it’s a simple concept, hearing it from industry experts takes on a whole new meaning. Over-thinking and over-obsessing on blog creation can render a person’s work flat or over-worked. By staying true to voice and style, a better perspective can be produced that will not only intrigue readers, but help them relate. 
  • Google Alerts should be my new best friend. I have used this tool at times, but quickly learned just how little I truly take advantage of it. Not only can it assist in content development, but it can help keep tabs on SEO usage, assist in reputation management, and even track your personal and company publicity.
  • Being brief isn’t a terrible thing. Heather Sokol put it very eloquently: “keep information short and sweet.” When it comes to blogging, HARO queries, or even emails, establishing a balance in information will not only improve communication, but bring a more successful outcome.
  • To have fewer headaches, adopt a new approach to content creation. It didn’t take much to be sold on Robby Slaughter’s “Radical Productivity” Plan, which encourages bloggers to stop focusing on one blog at a time. Instead, research, write, edit and schedule in a task-oriented pattern. By researching all blog topics first and creating content afterwards, productivity levels will rise. Blogs can be scheduled well ahead of time, and writers will be relieved of the agony and stress of last minute blogging.

There is no doubt, the knowledge I’ve gained from BIN2010 is priceless. To all the presenters and event staff: Job well done!

Some of the presentations can be viewed online at the Blog Indiana website. Below is the list of presentations I attended.

  • Keynote: Paul Poteet, Off The Cuff: Stories From 30 Years of Indiana Radio, TV, and Online Broadcasting
  • Presenter: Stephanie Precourt, Mom Blogging (direct link)
  • Presenter: Duncan Alney, Online Reputation Management
  • Featured speaker: Carissa Newton, No Road is Long With Good Company (direct link)
  • Presenter: Heather Sokol, The Blog That Press Built (direct link)
  • Presenter: Robby Slaughter, Producting Content Without Agony (direct link)
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Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee

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