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The Surprising Power of Twitter

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There’s no doubt, social media is a powerful source of communication. For NHL fan Brendan Millhouser who made a recent and undeniable discovery, Twitter became a mouthpiece for sharing the truth.

During the annual Blackhawk fan convention in Chicago, Millhouser was astonished to find that the Washington Capitals were listed on The Prince of Wales Trophy as the 2009-2010 NHL Eastern Conference champions. The only problem? The true champions are actually the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Out of instinct, Millhouser immediately took a picture of the trophy with his cell phone and tweeted his discovery. Below is his tweet:

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Despite his pictures and reports to local media, his claims were not taken seriously. After all, given the advancement and ease of today’s technology, his accusations could have very well been a hoax. Even The Hockey Hall of Fame denied the error; claiming Millhouser’s pictures were Photoshopped.

Long story short, the trophy was in fact wrongly engraved. The mix-up was confirmed after determining that the original trophy, which travels for showcasing in different cities, was momentarily incorrect. The secondary trophy that remains on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto was correctly engraved. So, thanks in part to Millhouser’s keen observation and Twitter’s capabilities, the error was acknowledged and finally rectified.

Though this story highlights social media’s unforgiving existence when it comes to errors, it certainly proves just how powerful a tool it can be. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn provide a profound opportunity for growing businesses.  Whether the objective is to create new business, maintain client communication, manage ongoing marketing campaigns or even satisfy crisis management, being a part of the social media world—where information can be released immediately and spread far-wide—can have an enormous impact.

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